My Fair Junkie with Amy Dresner
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Amy Dresner is back on the show for our new Author Spotlight feature where we get to do a live Q & A with her about her acclaimed memoir, My Fair Junkie.

We addicts all have a story to tell, and Amy Dresner has one hell of a story.

What is it like writing about every horrific and embarrassing thing you did in addiction?

How does it feel to be publishing, launching, and promoting a book?

What is it like to reveal your heart and soul to the whole world?

Listen and find out!

About Amy Dresner

Amy Dresner is over five years clean from being addicted to sex, drugs, and anything she could use to avoid her feelings. She’s a former professional stand-up comic, having appeared at The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and The Improv. She is a contributing editor at the and has also written for the Good Men Project, The Frisky, Refinery 29, and has been a regular contributor to and, where she has her own addiction blog entitled ‘Coming Clean.’


SHAIR 158: My Fair Junkie with Amy Dresner

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