I started using alcohol at age 15 and it felt like the perfect solution to my childhood trauma and dysfunctional home life. My values changed almost immediately, and I went from having LDS background to the other end of the spectrum. I got a DUI when I was 16 and many underage alcohol misdemeanors. I was kicked out of high school and was ashamed that I had a GED and not a high school diploma. I was pregnant at age 18 and was able to stop drinking but started again shortly after my daughter was born. I didn’t have any more legal consequences after that first DUI, mostly because of luck. My biggest consequence from drinking was that it stunted my growth as a human being.

My recovery from alcohol has really been about recovering from the reasons why I drank, which I can address now that I am not drinking. My threshold for being unhappy was fairly low, in comparison to others’ stories. This is not to undermine or deny what I went through. I had withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, shitty relationships, and no sense of self. When people in AA say, “If I drink, I will die,” I don’t entirely relate. If I drink, I may die eventually and my disease will continue to progress, but more likely, I will be miserable in my existence. I won’t achieve my purpose, be connected to a higher power, or have fulfilling relationships. I have learned that my addiction to alcohol is a symptom of trauma, and drinking was merely a coping skill.  Alcohol worked very well to numb my pain and it helped me disassociate. I didn’t even know I was disassociating until I started my recovery journey. It becomes more and more apparent that I didn’t know how to cope with my feelings or know how to be comfortable in my skin.

My personal work and successes have been on self-forgiveness and love, forgiving others, learning healthy boundaries, and being the best mother possible. I am in recovery from alcohol and co-dependency. I am learning how to feel my feelings, cope with life, and stand up for myself and my worth. I live in Idaho, and I am a single mom to 3 amazing, beautiful daughters. I am so proud of myself for breaking the intergenerational patterns in my family.

My curiosity about sobriety started about 3 years ago. I started listening to podcasts in the beginning of my recovery and found The SHAIR Podcast with Omar Pinto. I loved his voice and his energy. I have found his interviews to have a profound impact on my ability to see my addiction as an opportunity and not a dirty secret. I eventually became a member of his FB group and then joined the SRC where I have connected with so many amazing people in recovery. I feel the SRC group has kept me sober.

I can access meetings via Zoom which has been crucial to me since I am at home with my kids and haven’t found an AA group in my community where I feel connected. The connection with others in the group has saved me from loneliness and isolation. I have found a sponsor in one of these groups who was willing to complete the 12 steps with me which has been transformational!  I am almost 5 months in my recovery from alcohol and 95% of the time, I don’t even think about drinking. I am so grateful for the SRC, the SHAIR podcast, my sponsor, the step work, and online recovery.

Anne Beaulieu is an Emotional Intelligence Coach, Keynote Speaker, and the author of twenty books. She was always a driven, successful woman who built the perfect image for herself, but deep inside hid a darkness and rage that closed her off from the world.

As a child, Anne experienced horrific emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. A warrior emerged to protect her. She vowed to snuff out her heart and approach everything with cold intellectualism.

At the same time, Anne was addicted to pleasing others. She felt responsible for everyone around her. She was emotionally unhealthy, and this was reflected in all her relationships.

Finally, Anne had no choice but to confront the past and face the darkness. In having healed herself, she now knows how to dip into someone’s pain and walk with them back into the light to live in freedom, peace, and self-love.

In this episode, Anne also gives Omar a live coaching session where we get to witness firsthand how self-limiting beliefs develop, how to find them, and debunk them.

This is a high-energy, breakthrough interview you will not want to miss!

Anne Beaulieu

Like so many of us, for decades, I built the ‘perfect’ image and hid from the world. I hid from myself. And I didn’t know that a healthy relationship was.

I thought others might like me ‘less’ if they knew what had happened to me. So, I moved inside my head; I locked myself in an intellectual armor that let no one close to my heart … not even me. Unfortunately, I was far from being emotionally healthy.

Interestingly, that’s how I began to work with my clients. They were wonderful, warm, entrepreneurial, and driven women. However, they too, often didn’t feel safe to be in touch with their hearts. Yet, they wanted to experience a deep, meaningful, healthy relationship with themselves and others.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I felt I must prove I had the right to exist. I chased diplomas and certifications. Like so many of my clients, I got married, even had kids, and built the white picket fence. I did what I was supposed to do, but I felt empty. Always wondering what was wrong with me since I “had it all.”

It took me a long time to realize that what I needed was to have a healthy relationship with myself first to experience a healthy relationship with others.

All I had to do was to find a way to be loving towards myself!

Easier said than done because, as I said earlier, I locked my heart away, even from myself. I excluded myself from all my relationships!

And like so many of my clients, I had made everyone else a priority, except me.

Still clinging to my intellectual armor for dear life, I finally got tired of going to bed physically exhausted and emotionally drained. I decided to attend an event hosted by a top leadership expert, Dov Baron.

Standing on stage, Dov asked a question that would haunt me for months to come:

“Who are you hurting by playing small?”

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