I got sober in 2010 in the rooms of AA and am forever grateful to AA for my sobriety.  Still, after a few years of sobriety and a few moves for my husband’s job, I was without a true home group and my attendance at meetings was sporadic.  In 2015, my life as a wife, mom and nursing school student left me with nearly no time to attend meetings and I was searching for a new recovery tool. My search led me to the SHAIR Recovery Podcast and, the rest, is history.

The SHAIR Recovery Podcast was my companion driving back and forth to nursing school and my clinicals. It felt a bit like attending a speaker meeting (but better) and it re-energized my recovery.  Omar Pinto’s style and infectious laugh helped me get through many stressful days in nursing school!   I would eventually tell my story on the podcast.  It was a great experience and spring boarded me into doing more work on my own recovery.

I became active in the large Facebook group and then joined the SRC.  I had no idea how important that decision would prove to be.  Throughout 2017, 2018 and 2019, I faced some personal struggles that likely would have derailed my sobriety if I had not become so connected in the SRC.  Through the Facebook group and online meetings, I was able to get the support I needed (when I needed it) and to help others so I didn’t remain focused on myself.

Being a part of the SRC has strengthened my recovery, helped me be more comfortable in my own skin, added new tools to my recovery toolbox, and helped me to be of more service to other alcoholics and addicts.  I meditate more regularly, I’ve started attending ACOA meetings, reconnected with AA, and have connected with my own story in a way I never had before.  I truly believe I’m a better wife, mom, and person because of it. I stay because I’ve forged some of the strongest, most genuine relationships I’ve known.  I can’t imagine my recovery without it!

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