The benefits of living alcohol free are immeasurable. In fact, quitting alcohol is possible, it is just as fun, or even more, considering that you are in your five senses and entirely present the entire time; it is a healthy lifestyle that many people actually choose. What at first may seem like a sacrifice will eventually pay off when you notice the changes in your body, overall health, and life.

How old, or young were you when you began drinking alcohol? The social pressure of drinking and the association of alcohol and fun is present in our lives even subconsciously from an incredibly young age. In fact, most of us can’t wait to be of legal age so we can buy our own alcohol and drink “freely.” We associate alcohol and happiness… after all what is a party without alcohol, right? And that’s part of the problem, the fact that we are never taught to drink alcohol in a responsible way, we are never taught that we do not need alcohol to have fun.

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of living alcohol free.

Physical Benefits of Living Alcohol Free

Having a drink every now and then might not have any repercussions in your health, but if you are quitting alcohol it is likely that your intake is a lot more than just a drink every now and then and alcohol abuse can cause numerous health problems, from simple and common problems including:

  • Weight gain
  • Fatigue
  • Skin Problems
  • Gassiness
  • Bloating
  • Pancreatitis
  • Liver Disease
  • Infertility
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Cancer

When you quit drinking, you will find yourself feeling healthier, your skin will look better, you’ll lose weight, have more energy, and in general you will find that many physical symptoms you used to have and may have not even associated with alcohol intake, simply disappear and you will look and feel younger.

Psychological Benefits of Living Alcohol Free

Sure, in moderation a drink might help you relax a little, but so can many other healthy habits. Drinking constantly will cause you to feel fatigued, have hangovers which not only make you physically ill but we have all heard, and more likely experience, “mental hangovers” or “moral hangovers” which happens when you regret decisions or actions you have taken while drunk.

Drinking alcohol affects your ability to make decisions. Alcohol abuse is a disease, and it has been proven that is changes the chemistry of the brain.

From insomnia and mood swings, to disorientation, black outs, loss of control, depression, anxiety and reduction of neurons and shrinkage of your brain mass, the long-term effects of alcohol abuse are many and will vary from person to person. When dependency appears, you will have constant feelings of anxiety, lack of motivation, depression, irritability, among others.

One of the biggest benefits of living alcohol free, is taking back control over your life. You no longer depend on a substance to “feel good,” you can make better decisions, sleep better, be more conscious of your actions and improve your self-esteem and your relationship with others.

Financial Benefits

Have you stopped to think how much money you spend every month on alcohol? Alcohol is certainly not cheap, it is an awfully expensive vice to maintain, so, quitting will have a positive effect in your finances. Keep yourself motivated, do the math, find out how much in average you used to spend buying alcohol and put this money aside, after a certain amount of time use these savings and treat yourself to something nice.

Social Benefits

Not drinking will allow you to have a better relationship with yourself and with others. When you are working on your sobriety you take a journey to self-discovery, there are many things behind your decision to quit drinking, probably many choices or situations that you regret making under the influence. When you quit alcohol you detox, as we mentioned above, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. You’ll begin to feel better about yourself, stronger, in control, and 100% conscious of your reality and who you are.

Many people have probably told you that you are no fun when you are drunk, you probably embarrassed yourself in more than one occasion, hurt someone’s feelings with your words or behavior while drunk, or much worse.

Sobriety will allow you to build stronger and healthier relationships.

This list can go on and on, we can continue to number the many benefits that come with not drinking alcohol, what you need to know is that is possible to live without alcohol, have fun, much more fun actually, and regain control of your body, mind and spirit and overall become a healthier and happier human being.

Virtual Recovery Coaching

Quitting drinking is not simple and it’s a journey in which you will need help, staying sober and in the right path requires work and commitment, but the benefits, as you can see, truly pay off.

If you need help becoming alcohol free, our online and recovery coaching services and recovery communities are here to help. Schedule a consultation and learn more, here.