OK folks today for our 200th episode we have Sara McGee joining us on The SHAIR Podcast. Sara is one of my dear friends.  She’s an active member in the SRC and the SHAIR Sobriety Network. Sara is a born leader who has just celebrated 2 years of sobriety and has an incredibly strong foundation of recovery that touches every aspect of her life.  I’m honored to have her on the show.

Sara was a hardcore blackout drinker from the beginning. She felt everyone knew how life worked except her. Normal people seemed to have a sense of peace she couldn’t find. So she pretended to have it together. She always tried to be helpful and non-confrontational. She was a perfectionist and a high achiever who accomplished all her goals, but she was always afraid of being found out and she drank to cope with the anxiety.

From college, to career, to motherhood, drinking ruled her life. Until one day when she heard a voice say, “You don’t have to…”


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Disclaimer – The opinions shared on this show reflect those of the individual speaker and not of any 12 step fellowship as a whole and though we discuss 12 step recovery and the impact it has had in our lives we do not promote or endorse any 12 step anonymous program.