If you grew up in a strict religious home, you were most likely taught about heaven, hell, and a very long list of what makes us a good person or a bad person.

At times, it feels as if our most intimate feelings can be judged and create feelings of guilt, confusion, and inadequacy. Whether it be Jehovah’s Witness or Judaism, people tend to hand over religion and ideas about G-d in a way that layers guilt on top of obligation.

As humans we are bound to make mistakes, sometimes we do, say or feel things that we are not proud of. When you are brought up in a authoritarian religion or faith community and/or your parents or religious leaders are the type to manipulate and control through religion, your spirit will be crushed, you will not be able to forgive your mistakes, every “bad” thought you have or every single thing that you do or say that could be considered “immoral” will hunt you and be a cause for shame, low self-esteem, feelings of being underserving, and the list goes on.

What if you could break free from the guilt that may still be holding you down?
Don’t miss this powerful conversation with Eli Nash and Omar Pinto about this difficult subject as they discuss the way religious guilt seems to consume many people.

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