Celebrate Recovery, Tracy Winchell, Reboots Podcast

OK folks, today we have Tracy Winchell joining us on The SHAIR Podcast.

Tracy is the host of Reboots Podcast which features stories about people who have been forced to start over, either through their own missteps or through no fault of their own. Stories with heart, soul and grit.

A little bit about Tracy:

[bctt tweet=”‘It’s so important to de-stigmatize recovery … I believe that begins with me getting just a little healthier every day so I can bring hope to others who are hurting.’—Tracey Winchell @rebootspodcast #stopthestigma #addictionrecovery ” username=”theshairpodcast”]

Tracy’s Links

NTNDS bonus and personal Step 10 questions https://rebootspodcast.com/SHAIR/

email: tracy@winchellstoryworks.com










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Disclaimer – The opinions shared on this show reflect those of the individual speaker and not of any 12 step fellowship as a whole and though we discuss 12 step recovery and the impact it has had in our lives we do not promote or endorse any 12 step anonymous program.