There are so many elements that go into co-parenting, including charged emotions, high anxiety, and dysfunctional dynamics – which is maybe why you got divorced in the first place. Though, what about co-parenting when one person is in recovery and the other person is still in active addiction?

When your children are away and you fear that your ex-husband or ex-wife are going to put your children’s lives in danger, how do you navigate what you can’t control?

Co-Parenting Challenges in Sobriety

In today’s SHAIR Recovery Coaching call, we helped Brandi. Filled with fear, anxiety, and frustration that her ex-husband is putting her children’s life in danger with his drinking, the group holds space for Brandi to process these feelings while setting an actionable plan.

The group also helped Rema. After 34 years on antidepressants, Rema is weaning herself off of her medication. With physical, and emotional symptoms, the group walks her through the process of getting off medications and steps she can take to successfully get off of her medications for good.

In this SHAIR Recovery Coaching call, you’ll learn

  • How to navigate co-parenting when one person is in active addiction
  • How to calm our anxieties surrounding what we can’t control
  • How to listen to our body to process and identify the emotions we’re going through
  • How to feel better by helping others when we’re feeling uncomfortable either physically or emotionally

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