Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? We’re all drawn to different things for different reasons and learning to tap into our intuition can help us find the answers to questions we’ve long asked. 

One of the most common ways individuals can find the messages they need to hear is through an oracle deck. This communication vehicle between spirit and human consciousness has long provided guidance for living in alignment with the human heart, soul, and Universe to live up to your deepest desires and experiences. The oracle deck has also long been used to make decisions and point the way to personal development, joy, and prosperity. 

Communicating with the Spirit Within

When we learn to be gentle with ourselves, the universe, and allow ourselves to have authentic experiences, we can set pure intentions. We can then learn from the oracle deck, discern what the card is telling us, and communicate with the spirit within.

On episode 287 of the SHAIR Podcast, Debbie A. Anderson shares her insight, wisdom, and experience with oracle cards. As one of the leading experts in North America on the use of oracle cards, Debbie guides individuals to maximize their skills with the use of these cards. Born in England, Debbie is also an internationally known clairvoyant who experienced a spirit communicating phenomenon from early childhood. She saw people who had passed over, new information about people that she could not have known, and was told that she was at risk for being institutionalized as psychotic so she suppressed her gifts. Over the years, she ventured out and started using the tarot to cuide friends and realized it was not just the cards providing guidance. She was ultimately using her skills to augment what was on the cards. 

Debbie has developed specific steps that enable anyone to get the most success out of any oracle deck and to heighten their intuitive skills.

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