Corey Harrington’s story began with childhood wounds and existential angst. He always felt like an exposed nerve and used drugs to numb the pain. But he felt time ticking by, and a growing sense of dread began to drown him. Corey knew that he had to stop using or risk spending his whole life in the meaningless cycle of addiction.

Corey recently celebrated 4 years of sobriety from alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, tranquilizers, and opioids. He talks about how he stopped being a victim of circumstance and started shaping himself into the person he wanted to be. Corey reveals how he’s transcended the pettiness of everyday life to create his own meaning in the world. Listen as he tells us how he unlocked the hidden power inside himself and is now on the path of constant self-discovery and evolution.

“There is no recovery if you can’t be honest with yourself.”—Corey Harrington

Corey Harrington

Corey Harrington is an entrepreneur, writer, and designer. Since 2009 he’s founded several startups and consulted for everything from small nonprofit organizations to Fortune 100 companies. In February of 2020, he will be launching a new startup called Pagecraft which aims to make purchasing a professionally designed website as easy as ordering a pizza. In his spare time, Corey loves to read, play board games, hike, fuss over his dog (Stella), and spend time with his friends and family.

“If I’m not heading in the right direction, I’m heading in the wrong direction.”—Corey Harrington


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