Today we have Rebecca Daigle on The SHAIR Podcast. She’s been a member of the SRC since 2017 and has one unconventional story.

At first, alcohol was a fun compliment to Rebecca’s exotic life. But her addiction unconsciously evolved, turning into a Jekyll and Hyde division that brought her such despair, she felt like it would kill her.

Then Rebecca was slammed with a period of extreme pain and loss that brought her to her knees. Her anguish made her realize that she had a problem and she finally sought out a cure.

Today, Rebecca is grateful for her challenges. She now knows that when we embrace change, no matter how painful it is, our souls evolve beyond our limited perception of the world and we get to experience life on a whole new level.

Rebecca Daigle

Rebecca Daigle is a Global Humanitarian, International Business Woman, Metaphysician, Hospice Volunteer, and Soul coach. Currently, she is the Co-Director to Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God Helping Outreach, an empathic leadership speaker in the business world, founder of The Soul Occupation Project website, and is a Soul Occupational Coach. Her niche focus in coaching is to help clients develop, recover, improve, as well as maintain the skills needed for daily living and working through one’s living experience by way of following their inner Soul intuition as the primary guide.

The art of loving and healing has played a central role in her life since childhood. She has been a student of spirituality for over twenty years and continues her practice in understanding and serving humanity in the ways called. One of the ways she ministers is through volunteering as a Hospice volunteer and holds space at the bedsides of those who are in their final stages of life. Often it is simply a loving word or touch that brings peace to those who are close to their final transition. A sacred work.

Rebecca grew up in the Middle East as an American expatriate and now resides at home in the United States. Her global upbringing started in the Middle East and expanded to many other countries of living. In her life’s travels, she was immersed in 50+ different nationalities which included every socioeconomic and religious background in the world. She learned at a very early age how ugly war and death could be. She also learned how important compassion and peace affairs are for this world. How important it is to value human life as precious and death as sacred. Not until she lost her beloved mother, escaped the trenches of toxic corporate cultures, and wrestled with the beginning stages of alcoholism has she understood the true importance of what it means to follow your heart, dreams, and be all that you were meant to be, fearlessly.

She firmly believes that what blesses one, blesses all. Don’t go it alone! To live from a point of love, not fear, even in the face of it. Her fire and passion for living are bright, pure, and infectious despite an addiction and the beat downs. She’s notorious for saying, “Live your truth even amidst the dark, shine through it.”


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