On today’s episode The SHAIR Podcast we are featuring my good friend Larry Hagner. Larry is the founder of The Good Dad Project podcast and the founder of the Dads Edge Alliance Mastermind community. Larry is not a drug addict or an alcoholic, but as I have gotten to know Larry and gotten bits and pieces of his story, I knew it would be a story that would inspire and impact the members of The SHAIR Podcast community. Today, we go deep into some very dark places that Larry has been in, very dark places where his mind has gone, and this pivotal moment in his life where he prayed and vowed to God that if he could find his way out of this tragic mess that he was in, that he promised to “Do Epic Shit” for the rest of his life. That’s who he is and what he is doing now.

Larry has a community very similar to the SHAIR podcast private group. It’s for men only. The majority of them are dads, obviously. It’s The Good Dad Project, and what they do is they motivate, support, and inspire each other to be better versions of themselves, better fathers, better husbands, and better community leaders. I have the honor and the privilege to be in that group as well.

So let me just give you a little bit of history of how I met Larry and how God has been working in my life.

In May of this year, I interviewed Tony Grebmeier of the Tony G. Show podcast who has become an instrumental mentor and friend in this journey of personal growth and development that I am now on. After our interview, I asked him for help. He gave me some suggestions. One of which was to join a mastermind group. For those of you that don’t know what a mastermind group, it’s a community of like-minded individuals who have a common purpose, and then work together to help each other stay accountable, set goals, create deadlines and then meet those challenges, goals, deadlines together. I knew that my good friend, Shane Ramer of That Sober Guy Podcast, was in a mastermind group. I asked him about his experience in being in a mastermind group. That is when he introduced me to Larry. I had a half-an-hour call with Larry, and we connected instantly. I said, “Yes, get me into the group,” so I joined one of the mastermind groups in the Dads Edge Alliance Mastermind community and have been leaning on them to learn how to take The SHAIR Podcast to the next level.

In the course of less than three months, Larry and I have become very, very close. The reason is that we share very common beliefs and core values. One of them is to impact and inspire as many people as we can and help them reach their greatest potential. Again, one of the similarities is the Facebook private groups. We both have very large dynamic Facebook groups that are super positive and supportive. We both have members that we watch make massive changes in their lives, simply by integrating themselves 100% into the group, being active, being social, being assertive, being supportive, asking for help and radically changing the social dynamics of their lives.

The reason why I’m going into such detail about how Larry and I met and the radical changes that have happened in my life is to emphasize the importance of being in a positive, supportive community that can actually impact and radically change the trajectory of your life, simply by asking the right people for help. I can’t say enough about the impact that Larry has had in my life or the impact that he has had in the lives of thousands of other men. He’s a dynamic community leader. He has a powerful podcast and a thriving membership community that is helping men reach their full potential in life. It’s an honor to have him on the show and to have him share openly and honestly some very delicate and vulnerable moments in his life.

Join us now as Larry shares his amazing journey with us.

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Listen to Larry’s story now!

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Here are a few highlights from our interview to get the full story please join us on the Podcast now!

Larry battled 33 days of insomnia that drove him to the brink of insanity.  In today’s Podcast interview we discuss the crippling effects that insomnia played in Larry’s life.

Omar: So Larry how are you feeling today and what supplements are you taking to battle your insomnia?

Larry: I feel really good. Luckily, I found a natural supplement that helps me sleep, so I use a combination. I found … I take three different things. I take New MOOD by Onnit. It’s got tryptophan in it and 5-HTP and B vitamins. I also take Nighttime Recovery made by AdvoCare. It’s a great product, too. It’s got, again, more B vitamins in it and some valerian root and chamomile and all that. It’s fantastic. Then, I take another product called Somatomax, which is a powder that has … It’s got a mega dose of Vitamin B in it. It’s got L-dopa, and it watches … I believe L-dopa is an amino acid, but it helps with just basically, it’s like a natural relaxant. It helps you get that really nice, good, deep sleep. Man, do I sleep good. I sleep. I sleep like I did when I was a teenager, like where a bomb could go off, and I probably wouldn’t wake up. I sleep very good.

Omar: These are all natural supplements? Can you get these like at a health food store, or do you have to order them? How does that work?

Larry: Yes, so I buy the Nighttime Recovery from AdvoCare, which is you just go and buy them online or through a distributor. My wife is a distributor for AdvoCare, so we purchase it through her account. The New MOOD by Onnit, I just go to Onnit. Actually, I buy it through Amazon just because I can get it in two days, so I just go to Amazon, buy New MOOD by Onnit. Then, the Somatomax, you can buy that online just by anywhere, bodybuilding.com. For those of you listeners who listen to the MFCEO by Andy Frisella, Andy is a Saint Louis guy. He and I don’t leave very far from each other, and here in Saint Louis, we always like to support local business, so I buy my Somatomax from 1st Phorm Supplement Superstore first.

Omar: Okay, and all of these have, I guess, high doses of Vitamin B?

Larry: Yes, Vitamin B. Like is aid, the Somatomax has got, it’s got a proprietary blend of different amino acids in it, but the L-dopa is the one that really helps put you down. L-dopa is found in other supplements as well. Then, the Nighttime Recovery, like I said, has valerian root and chamomile, which helps relaxation. Then, like I said, the New MOOD by Onnit has L-tryptophan, which, if you eat turkey on Thanksgiving, you get tired, so it’s the L-tryptophan, so it’s got the L-tryptophan. It helped me feel relaxed, too, so I sleep really good.

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