For many, the joys that come along with being a parent can be equaled out by the stressors and chaos that follow behind. Driven by an innate need to nurture and love, parents can live their lives for others, sacrificing their own hopes and dreams. What if we can’t absorb that unconditional love for ourselves that we give to our children?

When we don’t feel like we’re good enough parents, the anxious thoughts of inadequacy can creep in and affect our thoughts, our parenting, and every aspect of our lives. When we cover these feelings up with a drink to mitigate the fear and the anxiety, we prevent ourselves from processing our true feelings and developing healthier ways to cope with them.

In this week’s SHAIR Recovery podcast, we help Leo crush his powerful and deep limiting beliefs from the emotional wounds of his childhood that reflected his behavior in active addiction as a parent. Leo is still punishing himself, not trusting himself, and unable to see past his limiting beliefs and his behavior. The group helps him recognize his authentic qualities, gifts, and also helps him understand the powerful defense mechanisms he built just to survive, knowing that when things get too hard, we all protect ourselves by avoiding feeling joy and love at all costs. 

In this week’s recovery coaching call, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify negative patterns and belief systems we’ve picked up from our parents
  • How we can tap into our inner child to help our children.
  • How to fully give ourselves the unconditional love we’ve always wanted
  • How we can use the power of naming fears and anxieties out loud to change our actions and thoughts.

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