Kate Coatsworth is part of our SHAIR Sobriety Network and recently celebrated 1000 days in recovery from drugs and alcohol.

She has also been battling cancer for the last 7 months, and she is fighting this battle sober.

Kate used alcohol and drugs to run away from herself. She moved to different countries and bounced around to different jobs, partying hard every night.

When she tried cocaine, nothing could make her stop. Kate’s addiction took over. She lost her family and friends. Her body shut down. She believed her rock bottom was going to be death.

By chance, a friend brought her to a twelve-step meeting. Although Kate didn’t think she belonged there, she eventually softened and surrendered to recovery.

After building a strong 2-year foundation in sobriety, Kate went to the hospital for a headache. Doctors discovered that she had a tumor the size of her fist and diagnosed her with stage 4 brain cancer.

Kate’s recovery from addiction prepared her with the battle of her life. Listen to her courageous story about staying sober with cancer, one day at a time.