I started using alcohol at age 15 and it felt like the perfect solution to my childhood trauma and dysfunctional home life. My values changed almost immediately, and I went from having LDS background to the other end of the spectrum. I got a DUI when I was 16 and many underage alcohol misdemeanors. I was kicked out of high school and was ashamed that I had a GED and not a high school diploma. I was pregnant at age 18 and was able to stop drinking but started again shortly after my daughter was born. I didn’t have any more legal consequences after that first DUI, mostly because of luck. My biggest consequence from drinking was that it stunted my growth as a human being.

My recovery from alcohol has really been about recovering from the reasons why I drank, which I can address now that I am not drinking. My threshold for being unhappy was fairly low, in comparison to others’ stories. This is not to undermine or deny what I went through. I had withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, shitty relationships, and no sense of self. When people in AA say, “If I drink, I will die,” I don’t entirely relate. If I drink, I may die eventually and my disease will continue to progress, but more likely, I will be miserable in my existence. I won’t achieve my purpose, be connected to a higher power, or have fulfilling relationships. I have learned that my addiction to alcohol is a symptom of trauma, and drinking was merely a coping skill.  Alcohol worked very well to numb my pain and it helped me disassociate. I didn’t even know I was disassociating until I started my recovery journey. It becomes more and more apparent that I didn’t know how to cope with my feelings or know how to be comfortable in my skin.

My personal work and successes have been on self-forgiveness and love, forgiving others, learning healthy boundaries, and being the best mother possible. I am in recovery from alcohol and co-dependency. I am learning how to feel my feelings, cope with life, and stand up for myself and my worth. I live in Idaho, and I am a single mom to 3 amazing, beautiful daughters. I am so proud of myself for breaking the intergenerational patterns in my family.

My curiosity about sobriety started about 3 years ago. I started listening to podcasts in the beginning of my recovery and found The SHAIR Podcast with Omar Pinto. I loved his voice and his energy. I have found his interviews to have a profound impact on my ability to see my addiction as an opportunity and not a dirty secret. I eventually became a member of his FB group and then joined the SRC where I have connected with so many amazing people in recovery. I feel the SRC group has kept me sober.

I can access meetings via Zoom which has been crucial to me since I am at home with my kids and haven’t found an AA group in my community where I feel connected. The connection with others in the group has saved me from loneliness and isolation. I have found a sponsor in one of these groups who was willing to complete the 12 steps with me which has been transformational!  I am almost 5 months in my recovery from alcohol and 95% of the time, I don’t even think about drinking. I am so grateful for the SRC, the SHAIR podcast, my sponsor, the step work, and online recovery.

Britt Taylor is a renaissance woman. She’s a mom, martial artist, actress, athlete, health enthusiast, and the lead singer of a band. It’s hard to believe for most of her life she was a heavy drinker.

Britt is the child of divorced parents and started drinking at an early age. She always had a deep-rooted fear that if anyone knew who she really was, they would discover that she was unlovable. Britt used alcohol as a buffer between her and other people. She was always social, but never deeply connected with anyone, leading her to years of loneliness.

At the age of twenty-eight, she remembered repressed memories of being abused as a toddler. She bravely confronted her inner turmoil and is grateful that it shaped her into who she is today.

Listen to how she up-leveled her life and is now helping others see the same potential in themselves!

Britt Taylor

Britt Taylor is a mom, martial artist, vegan, and happy person. Sports and nutrition have been central in her life since her grandfather convinced her kindergarten mind that salt was poison and encouraged her to read “Fit For Life” about fruits and vegetables and food combining. This launched a life passion of study. Her father entered her and her brothers in races, both running and biking, as soon as they were physically able to walk. Their parents enrolled them in every sport. She’s played everything from baseball, gymnastics, dance, taewkondo, baton twirling, soccer, cross country, crew, lacrosse, and yoga. To name a few. A three time marathon finisher, she has settled into karate as her main athletic passion.

A self described late bloomer, she spent her early years traveling and dabbling in an acting career which meant mostly being a waitress. She held many jobs in sales after graduating college, from a call room, to managing a makeup counter, to managing a gym sales staff, to Virtual ISPs, to commercial security systems.  throughout the years, she spent a few years in a health food store managing the vitamin department. She met her husband there while he was managing produce. They bonded over their workaholic nature and love of music, both performing in rock bands locally. Fast forward many years of balancing working in health food and in bars and performing in active bands, they formed a family.

Taking a break from performing and working, Britt raised her two kids at home for 5 years before returning to the work force. The whole family had started in karate together, happy to continue a sport both she and her husband had loved in their youth. She had no idea the job she had spent the past year manifesting would be right there under her nose, with UpLevel Martial Arts. Starting as a membership coordinator doing cold sales out in the community, she found her passion and quickly moved up to Program Director. After earning her black belt and building on her track record, the owner, Mr. Sam Wegert,  promoted her to Chief Instructor and they opened a new location in Fort Mill, SC were she relocated her family. After getting the location off the ground and blasting sales by changing as many lives as possible in her community, she has recently been promoted to Director. It has been 2 years since the doors in Fort Mill opened and they have grown from zero to over 200 students and continue to break records.

Britt is an active member of M1, March to a Million Mastermind Mentorship group. She credits the tribe led by Rock Thomas, her boss Mr. Sam Wegert, and her many friends for helping her to achieve both greatness and balance in her life. The sky is the limit and Britt feels as if she is just beginning.



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