With no higher power or 12-step work, Meredith Atwood white-knuckled sobriety. After substance abuse, suicide attempts, and binge eating issues, she had realization that she would be dead within a year, and made the decision to stop drinking cold turkey. Growing up in a religious cult, Meredith couldn’t subscribe to the thought of surrendering. After compensating for her behavior with triathlons and Ironman competitions, she came to the point where she had to sit with herself and begin to truly heal. 

As a former attorney, Meredith Atwood is a podcaster, speaker, and author of The Year of No Nonsense, and Host of “The Same 24 Hours” podcast. She’s been featured in The Boston Globe, The New York Post, the Seattle Times, and recovery advocate and contributing writer for Psychology Today.

Holding onto the belief that we all have our own personal brands of “no nonsense,” in this inspiring conversation, Meredith takes us through the exploration of getting out of the way of our own personal happiness. 

“Many of us don’t know how to process uncomfortable feelings and we want to run. Sitting with yourself is terrifying and the hardest thing I’ve had to do. I’m alive, I made it another day, and it’s really one day at a time.”

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