It takes a lot of courage to accept that you have a substance abuse problem and to decide to take the necessary steps towards recovery. There are many tools to use, including an online recovery community. Recovery itself requires a lot of hard work and consistency. If anyone says it’s simple, they are lying. However, there are tools that have proven to help make the journey possible, more effective in the long-term and even enjoyable.

The first thing we must understand and always remember about recovering from alcohol and/or drug abuse it that it is a lifelong process. It means embracing a completely different lifestyle and a new mindset, and this requires commitment, perseverance, patience, and the support of professionals, family and friends.

When a person begins his/her journey towards recovery, the first step usually involves seeking professional help, this can mean starting a detox program at a rehabilitation center which provides a sheltered environment during the first stage of treatment; or, at times, individual personalized care and monitoring; sometimes a combination of both, residential and outpatient programs. There is no right answer, the type of treatment needed depends on the circumstances each patient has; however, one thing is for sure: every recovering addict needs a recovery community to help prevent relapses.

What Is An Online Recovery Community?

Think back on when you started drinking or using drugs, think about when you started abusing these substances – you were probably not alone. You likely had a group of people with you, “friends” or people you hanged out with that shared the same interests and that probably also encouraged, even pressured you or at least made you feel like you “belonged.” This may have been a negative community who influenced you to seek out more drugs and alcohol.

A online recovery community is when you surround yourself with a group of people who are positive and supportive of your sobriety on the interwebs – those who encourage you and motivate you to succeed in your sobriety.

Some people call them “support groups”, others “recovery communities”, the important thing is that these are people who can relate and understand your struggles, your fears, and that can also help you manage your triggers and prevent relapse. 

Although your family members and close friends can be part of your support group, sometimes these ties can make you conceal certain truths, fears or concerns. Meanwhile, the members of a recovery community are people that are also healing from addiction, people who you can be entirely open and honest with and in fact people that can also benefit from your experiences and your contributions.

How to Join A Recovery Community.

There are many options for online recovery communities, and you can be a member of one or several. Access and availability are key. If you can attend in-person AA or NA groups in your neighborhood these are great alternatives; however, there are now, and thanks to technology a number of online recovery communities that you can be a part of, one of them for instance is the SHAIR Recovery Community, which provides daily virtual recovery meetings.

Remember: relapse is NOT failure, in fact, although unfortunate, it can be part of your recovery if you act on it immediately and find the support you need to get back in the right track, this is where an online recovery community comes in, not only to help prevent a relapse but also to help you bounce back from one.

Sobriety should never be a lonely journey, join an online recovery community. It is a lot easier to make healthy and positive choices when you have the right support and influences in your life.