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On May 26th 2003, I picked up my last white chip and completely surrendered after my 4 year battle against Drugs and Alcohol… I have been clean and sober ever since. 2 weeks after I picked that white chip I headed to FRCNA (Florida Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous) with my sponsor. So now with less than 30 days clean I get on a plane from Costa Rica, where I live, and head towards Florida.

The trip was amazing, overwhelming, powerful, and life changing for me. One of the most impactful moments for me in that convention was the closing speaker Ousmane D. He delivered an incredibly powerful message… so profound it still impacts me today. When I came back from the convention, I brought the speaker tape and shared it with the members in my home group. The tape was so captivating, a waiting list formed and was passed around for months.

At the close of his story he makes a statement that I quote all the time…

“I may not be the well, but I do enjoy being the pipe every once in a while” – Ousmane D

I promised myself, with only a few weeks clean, that someday that would be me on the stage carrying a profound message of recovery. The audio you are about to hear was recording during FRCNA XXV, April 2010 at the Grapevine, TX Regional NA Convention titled Keeping the Spirit Alive.

The audio on this podcast came from the YouTube video in the link below.

Youtube of Ousmane D

Thank you Ousmane, you helped save my life.

Ousmane D

Ousmane signs my Basic Text right after his SHAIR!


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Disclaimer – The opinions shared on this show reflect those of the individual speaker and not of any 12 step fellowship as a whole and though we discuss 12 step recovery and the impact it has had in our lives we do not promote or endorse any 12 step anonymous program.