Brandon Turner is the author of Personal Finance for People in Addiction Recovery. Brandon is a coach, facilitator, and real estate investor committed to adding value to the lives of others.

After Brandon dropped out of college, he went into selling drugs, making 200K a year. He was living large according to his delusional ego, until he got set up and arrested. He was forced to into treatment and ended up broke, landing a job that only paid $13 an hour.

Today he is sober, happy, fulfilled, and has paid off 75K of consumer debt. He is here to tell us why money is not the root of all evil, and how we can change our mindset and habits around money to live a life of financial abundance.

Listen to find out how to master your personal finance in recovery!

Personal Finance for People in Addiction Recovery

Are you in addiction recovery?

Do you have a desire to learn more about how money works and the mindset to prosper financially?

Inside is a brief memoir including the following topics; spirituality and how it relates to money, life currency (time), goal setting, goal getting, as well as financial education. Imagine a life with more freedom of choice – free of nagging debts, money saved, minimal stress, and living purposefully in the process.

This book is not only about wealth on the outside, but also includes how a rich internal life can manifest financial abundance – all while making good use of time and staying focused on what you want in order to get the results you’re looking for.

Find out how the author went from making 200k a year illegally, got set up, went broke on a final deal gone bad, and started life over with $200 to his name and working for $13 an hour working nights just ninety days sober. While facing two jail terms; one for a drug sale charge and the other for tax evasion, the author paid off 75k worth of unsecured debt over seven years. During this time, he also picked up two rental properties and had two kids with his wife. It’s all about mindset! Inside he reveals how we did it, and how you can too.

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