After a tumultuous relationship, a five year heroin addiction, and three overdoses, Jeanae White had all but given up. 

Trying 12-step support groups, multiple treatment centers, and therapy, Jeanae still struggled, felt sad, unhappy, and unfulfilled. 

However, that all changed when Jeanae found plant medicine. 

This week on the SHAIR Podcast, we’re joined by Jeanae White. As a yoga Instructor, Kambo Practitioner, and co-owner of New Life Ayahuasca, Jeanae’s inspiring story is one filled with spirituality, empowerment, plant medicine, and freedom. 

From a hopeless state, Jeanae goes on to talk about how one small decision to try plant medicine gave her an eye opening experience that changed the course of her life. She states, “change is possible, happiness is possible, but the choice to get there is ultimately up to you.”

Today, Jeanae’s life is truly a miracle.

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About Jeanae White

Jeanae was introduced to plant medicine in 2014 after using Ibogaine therapy to address a 5-year long heroin addiction. She continued to explore the benefits of psychedelic therapy by participating in ayahuasca ceremonies which catapulted her on a journey of self-evaluation, self-discovery and self-improvement. In 2015 she founded New Life Ayahuasca retreat center in Costa Rica with her partner and husband Matthew Mormello. Jeanae is the web manager, yoga instructor, Kambo practitioner, cook, and handles all correspondence for New Life Ayahuasca.

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