How many of us feel like we’ve had to prove our worth as soon as we get sober?

What if our friends, colleagues, or family discover we do not actually deserve everything we’ve accomplished? Just like recovery, self-worth doesn’t happen overnight. Falling into a state of “Imposter Syndrome” takes up our time and energy. When this happens, guilt, shame, and fear can inhibit us from experiencing the true gifts of sobriety. 

In this week’s SHAIR Recovery Coaching call we helped Shanna. On the precipice of sobriety, Shanna is stuck at a crossroads. Sobriety is inherent on building a solid foundation, and she must choose which recovery program fits her needs the best. As the group walks her through the process of finding recovery capital, her perspective shifts. With guidance, support, and open-ended questions from the Recovery Coaching group, she begins to find the answers to her own questions.

The group also helped Rebecca. Stuck in a state of imposter syndrome, she feels that was an imbalance of what she wants to accomplish. inhibited by the chaos that’s happening in her life, she turned to the Recovery Coaching group for help and guidance. Going inside, Rebecca uncovered the truth about herself with love and with acceptance. 

In this week’s SHAIR Recovery Coaching call, you’ll learn: