From Recovery to Discovery with Jeanne Foot

Jeanne Foot is a mental health advocate and certified addiction counsellor and recovery specialist, with over a decade serving individuals and families in the Toronto area, across the globe, and online.

Her own struggles with the nature of addiction and years spent navigating the mental health care system as an advocate for her child has enabled her to become a change agent and a mentor in transformation for others.

Jeanne is the product of three generations of trauma in her middle-class family. Her life was chaotic out of the gate. When she became a mother, she had to navigate serious mental health issues with her children. Jeanne had to innovate to help herself and her family to find the right treatment strategy.

Jeanne believes that willpower can only take you so far when it comes to recovery. The brain can’t take care of everything. The issues are in the tissues, and she has found healing by integrating movement and breath to release the trauma from her body.


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