How do we combat negative self-talk and challenge the inner critic that tells us we’re no good?

Negative self-talk is something we all have, and it’s combatting it is one thing that prevents us from fulfilling our full potential.

It’s in the moments of self-doubt, fear, and being uncomfortable with ourselves that we created self-soothing in the first place, and it’s in these moments we crave relief. If we’re not equipped with the proper tools, we can start to romance a drink, a drug or an unhealthy behavior. Even though we know it’s not good for us, when we give in the negative self-talk becomes louder and our inner critic becomes harsher.

There’s a window of time in these moments where we can begin to pause, rethink, and reteach ourselves new habits to join the opposing forces of the internal battle inside of us, all while finding relief and self-soothing other ways.

Are you missing out on living your full potential? Join Omar Pinto in this week’s SHAIR Recovery Coaching call as we ask hard questions, learn ways to shred the facade of the inner critic and empower ourselves to live out our potential and combat negative self-talk.

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