This week on the SHAIR Podcast, we’re joined by author and advocate, Erica C. Barnett. Erica had tried everything to stop drinking. Detox after detox, and treatment center after treatment center, she continued to find herself in a state of relapse. Stating that rock bottom is a lie, Erica believes that it is always possible to go lower than your lowest point. Tumultuous relationships, and empty vodka bottles hid throughout her apartment defined her life, acting as both her tormentors and closest friends. 

After waking up one day, Erica decided that she had enough. Reassessing her values and passions, she was able to transform her pain into purpose to help those in the same position she was once in and shares this inspiring and emotional story with us. 

Today, Erica C. Barnett is a veteran Seattle-based reporter covering politics, housing, homelessness and addiction for a variety of local and national publications and her own website, The C Is for Crank. Her book, Quitter: A Memoir of Drinking, Relapse, and Recover, is available now.

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