Setting effective boundaries is hard and takes practice. In this week’s SHAIR recovery coaching call, we helped Brandi navigate boundaries with her Mother.

It’s completely normal for all of us to expect our parents or loved ones to be loving people. However, when addiction, trauma, and other issues come into play, we can begin to feel responsible for our loved one’s emotional state – fueling codependency. When this happens, many of us find ourselves in that all-or-nothing thinking. Do we sever the relationship for good, or give into unhealthy patterns? Once we do some healing on our end, there may be a middle ground we can learn to find.

Setting effective boundaries gives individuals and family members the chance to get to know one another with mutual respect, form closer bonds, and continue to foster connection. Once we’re able to recognize that we’re not responsible for our loved one’s emotional state, we can begin to set effective boundaries by reframing our relationship, detaching with love, and getting support from those around us we trust.

Setting boundaries is a continuous process but can be extremely effective if we learn how to detach with love, and reframe the way we view these relationships. Don’t miss this in depth and emotional SHAIR Recovery Coaching call with Life Coach, Omar Pinto.

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