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Adam Jasinski joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast.  In April of 2008 Adam Jasinski was the $500,000 prize winner on the CBS reality show “Big Brother Season 9” and from the moment he cashed in his check his life unraveled.  First he failed to file an income tax return nor pay the taxes owed on the money.  In 2009 Adam was arrested outside Boston and charged with attempting to sell 2,000 pills of oxycodone, the main active ingredient in OxyContin and other painkillers.

He had originally pleaded not guilty to possession with attempt to distribute oxycodone but changed his plea to guilty during a hearing Monday in U.S. District Court in Boston. He also pleaded guilty to the tax charge, which was added on by prosecutors.  Jasinski admitted to funding his illegal venture with the $500,000 winnings from the show, and to buying and reselling oxycodone pills for several months, Jasinski faced a maximum of 20 years in prison and a $1 million fine.  Jasinski was sentenced in January 2011 to four years in federal prison for the drug charge and tax evasion.

Today he’s putting his history of hitting bottom and climbing back up to good use by serving as a resource for others. Jasinski is writing a book for parents dealing with addicted children and also a workbook for teens and young adults coping with staying clean post-release from drug addiction treatment.

He’s also an unpaid, informal mentor and consultant for the drug and mental health treatment center – Oceans Medical Centers – recently opened by his mother and a co-owner (who lost a family-member to opioids) in Palm Beach County, Florida, not far from his home in Delray Beach.

Adam has always held a deep drive to get his thoughts and insights out onto paper. Now he wants to make those insights accessible to those struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues, and to the families who want nothing more than to save and help them.

Join us now as Adam takes us through his battle with Drugs and Alcohol and his inspiring journey into recovery.  You don’t want to miss this episode!


Website – Adam Jasinski

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Treatment – Oceans Medical Centers

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