We are thrilled to have Stefanos Sifandos on The SHAIR Podcast. He is a relational alchemist whose mission is to assist individuals in actualizing the fullness of their potentiality, to relate to each other with authentic love, to be conscious stewards of Earth, and to continue to evolve and expand the entirety of their being. He is also husband to Master Coach, Christine Hassler.

Stefanos takes us deep into his past of sex addiction and the path he took to get to the place self-awareness and transformation he has reached today. He also talks about what humanity can learn during COVID-19 and how we can evolve to live in harmony with ourselves, each other, and nature, enabling us to unlock our full potential, both individually and collectively.

Stop hiding. Stop escaping. Start feeling. Start growing. Learn how in this episode!

Stefanos Sifandos

Stefanos is a trained educator and relationships expert with a background in behavioral science. He is passionate about leading people closer to their highest potential and each other.

Stefanos’s philosophy merges the best of eastern and western methodologies to promote spiritual balance and empower people in life and love. From trauma release to navigating the murky waters of modern masculinity, to helping women understand the men in their lives, he helps people escape negative patterns and cultivate a positive sense of self.

Stefanos has worked with thousands of men and women from all walks of life—special forces soldiers, Olympic gold medalists, elite fighters, and everyday people have relied on him to restructure and reframe their relationships with themselves and their loved ones.

having confronted what it means to be a man in this world himself, Stefanos has an intimate understanding of the work it takes to evolve into a better person and partner. he is committed to helping men achieve excellence in their lives and helping women connect and open their hearts to their partners. Having struggled and successfully healed himself from addiction, childhood trauma, and infidelity, Stefanos is eager to share the tols and realizations that empowered him to do so.

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