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SHAIR 114: “Street Life Fragments” with Sam Herron, from millionaire to homeless drug addict.

Listen to Sam’s story now! Sam Herron the author of […]

SHAIR 113: “The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality” with Dr. Jane Galloway, Author of The Gateways.

Jane Galloway the author of The Gateways- The Wisdom of […]

SHAIR 112: “The Murphy Method” with Cory Murphy, from Heroin Addict to inspirational speaker.

Cory Murphy is an award-winning scholar and world traveler. He’s […]

SHAIR 111: “Sober Living” with Bob Apple, life after rehab in early recovery.

Robert Apple a recovery blogger and the founder of the […]

SHAIR 109: “Big Jim’s Walk” with Jim Downs, Soldier Up for Recovery

Jim Downs of Big Jim’s Walk joins us today on […]

SHAIR 108: “Kick the Sugar Addiction” with Sarah Roberts, get real, get happy, get sober!

Listen to Sarah’s story now! Sarah Roberts of Sarah Talks […]

SHAIR 107: “From Chrystal Meth to Comedy” Mike Lindsey shares his battle with addiction!

Listen to Mike’s story now! Mike Lindsey joins us today […]

SHAIR 105: “Hugging the Cactus” with Rob Koebel, a TV reporter’s story of addiction.

Listen to Mike’s story now! Rob Koebel, Emmy Award winning […]

SHAIR 104: “Washed Away” with Nikki DuBose, Battling Food, Sex and Drug Addiction.

Nikki DuBose joins us today on The SHAIR podcast. Nikki […]

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SHAIR 102: “Sober Mommy” with Kayla Greenhalge, shit from my everyday life.

Kayla Greenhalge joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast. Kayla […]

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