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SHAIR 131: “Use Your Voice” with Kellie Ideson, addiction, suicide, grieving and recovery!

Kellie Ideson joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast. Kellie […]

SHAIR 129: “The Cult of Addiction and the Power or Recovery” with Cormac O Donoghue

Cormac O Donoghue joins us on The Share podcast. I […]

SHAIR 122: “One Is Too Many…” with Amy B. Mother, Wife, Recovering Alcoholic

Listen to Amy’s story now! Amy B. joins us today […]

SHAIR 118: “You Are Not Alone” with Cindee Rifkin, healing alcoholism and sex addition with yoga.

Cindee is a yoga and meditation teacher who brings her […]

SHAIR 116: “Sex in Recovery” with Jennifer Matesa, a meeting between the covers.

Listen to Jennifer’s story now! Jennifer Matesa the author of […]

SHAIR 113: “The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality” with Dr. Jane Galloway, Author of The Gateways.

Jane Galloway the author of The Gateways- The Wisdom of […]

SHAIR 111: “Sober Living” with Bob Apple, life after rehab in early recovery.

Robert Apple a recovery blogger and the founder of the […]

SHAIR 108: “Kick the Sugar Addiction” with Sarah Roberts, get real, get happy, get sober!

Listen to Sarah’s story now! Sarah Roberts of Sarah Talks […]

SHAIR 91: “Sober and Serious” with Keith Campbell, strive to be a better person every day!

Keith Campbell joins us on The SHAIR Podcast today. Keith […]

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