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SHAIR 132: “Hope Dealer” with Jason Rudeen, child abuse, prison, drug addiction, God and recovery!

Jason Rudeen joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast. Jason emailed […]

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SHAIR 130: “Straight Outta Compton” with Patty Powers, Strip Clubs, Drug Dens and the Miracle of Recovery.

Patty Powers joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast. Originally […]

SHAIR 126: “Addiction and Co-dependency” with Lizzie Edwards, what to do when your partner is an addict

Lizzie Edwards joins us on The SHAIR Podcast.  Lizzie wants […]

SHAIR 114: “Street Life Fragments” with Sam Herron, from millionaire to homeless drug addict.

Listen to Sam’s story now! Sam Herron the author of […]

SHAIR 112: “The Murphy Method” with Cory Murphy, from Heroin Addict to inspirational speaker.

Cory Murphy is an award-winning scholar and world traveler. He’s […]

SHAIR 98: “My Journey Through Darkness” with Michelle Thöle, a Young Girl’s Journey as a Drug Addict!

Michelle Thöle, the author of My Journey Through Darkness, struggles […]

SHAIR 84: “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” with Ed Keohane, a gripping story of Drug Addiction.

Listen to Ed’s story now! Edward Keohane joins us on […]

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