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SHAIR 136: From Lying on the Street to Soaring in Sobriety with Mark Rickert

Mark Rickert’s parents divorced when he was three, and his […]

SHAIR 134: Live an Epic Life with Larry Hagner The Good Dad Project and The Dads Edge Alliance

On today’s episode The SHAIR Podcast we are featuring my […]

SHAIR 125: “The Dopey Podcast” Chris and Dave, Stupid Funny Addiction Stories.

Today we have Dave and Chris joining us on The […]

SHAIR 124: “Party Girl” Anna David, host of the Light Hustler Podcast share’s her story of addiction and recovery.

Anna David joins us on The SHAIR Podcast.  Anna is […]

SHAIR 118: “You Are Not Alone” with Cindee Rifkin, healing alcoholism and sex addition with yoga.

Cindee is a yoga and meditation teacher who brings her […]

SHAIR 117: “From Dope to Hope” with Tim Ryan, a Man in Recovery.

Listen to Tim’s story now! Tim Ryan the author of From […]

SHAIR 115: Adam Jasinski a Convicted Drug Felon now Helps Recovering Addicts.

Adam Jasinski joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast.  In […]

SHAIR 113: “The Wisdom of 12-Step Spirituality” with Dr. Jane Galloway, Author of The Gateways.

Jane Galloway the author of The Gateways- The Wisdom of […]

TSP 075: “Sober Courage” with Maggie Shores, from Liquid Courage to Sober Courage.

Play Now – Click Play Below! “Getting sober was the […]

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