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030: George D. “Gut Level Honest” now 6 years clean, takes us through over 20 years of drug addiction, child abuse and family dysfunction.

SHOW NOTES: On today’s Episode of The SHAIR Podcast George D. […]

029: Randy H. “The Monkey on My Back” now 15 years sober, takes us through 20 years of drug dealing, addiction and alcoholism.

On today’s episode of The SHAIR Podcast Randy H. now […]

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013: Leif H. “Life on Leif’s terms” shares his 15 yr story of addiction, drug abuse and alcoholism until he finds recovery!

Leif H. now 38 years old and 11 years clean, […]

009: Sarah C. “A Modern Gypsy” 11 years in recovery, 35 years old, shares her 10 year story of drug and alcohol addiction!

Sarah, 35 years old and 11 years clean and sober, […]

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