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SHAIR 141: The Right Way to Help an Addict in Your Family with Arden O’Connor

What’s the best way for families to help an addict? […]

SHAIR 126: “Addiction and Co-dependency” with Lizzie Edwards, what to do when your partner is an addict

Lizzie Edwards joins us on The SHAIR Podcast.  Lizzie wants […]

TSP 064: “100 Days (Sober)” with Lauren Yoder, do you remember your first 100 days sober?

Lauren Yoder started writing poems in grade school and wanted […]

013: Leif H. “Life on Leif’s terms” shares his 15 yr story of addiction, drug abuse and alcoholism until he finds recovery!

Leif H. now 38 years old and 11 years clean, […]

008: Shane B. – “the Frat Boy” is 10 years CLEAN, 37 years OLD and takes us through 8 YEARS of DRUG ADDICTION!

Shane recently celebrates 10 years clean and takes us through […]

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