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006: Kevin H. “Road Trippin” is 28 years CLEAN, 51 years OLD and takes us through 9 YEARS of Drug ADDICTION!

Kevin, with 28 years of sobriety, takes us through 9 […]

005: Raquel G. – “The Runaway Model” is 5 years CLEAN, 22 years OLD and takes us through 9 YEARS of DRUG Addiction!!

Raquel, with 5 years clean, takes us through 9 years […]

004: Robert V. – “the Attorney” is 4 years CLEAN, 42 years OLD and takes us through 20 YEARS of RELAPSE and RECOVERY!

On this episode of The SHAIR Podcast we interview one […]

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002: Bobby G. – “From Blue Suits to Shackles” now 6 years CLEAN, takes us through 39 YEARS of gut wrenching ALCOHOL and DRUG ABUSE!

Bobby, who is currently in his 50’s and is now […]

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000: The SHAIR Podcast – Inspiring stories of recovery from addiction, drug abuse and alcoholism!

Hi there, my name’s Omar but everybody calls me “O”. […]

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