I heard Omar on a podcast and was immediately drawn to his energy and direct approach, as well as his training in Neuro–Linguistic Programming. In our first consultation, I felt like he saw into my soul. I felt vulnerable and exposed—but also incredibly safe with him. He doesn’t sugar coat it and he calls you on your BS in the best possible way.

He opened me up and made me face myself and realize that the thing that I thought was holding me back was not the actual thing holding me back. He helped me to explore aspects of myself that I didn’t have the courage to face—because I wasn’t ready to deal with the disruption that change would cause to my life. He helped me to see myself through his eyes and gave me the power to face the things that needed to change and I would never have gotten to this place without him.

I am stronger, more confident, joyful and at peace. I am ready to launch my new business and welcome what the universe has coming to me. I cannot say enough good things about Omar nor recommend him more highly. I have had other therapists, coaches, etc and none can compare. He is simply the best and I will forever be grateful for his sage advice.