sean croxton

How can you identify and remove self-limiting beliefs?

How are your feelings of unworthiness affecting your ability to achieve your dreams?

How can you move on from the past to become your greatest self?

Many of us were raised to have negative thoughts about wealth or that we are not deserving prosperity. Addicts and alcoholics especially suffer at the hands of self-limiting beliefs and feelings of unworthiness.

Today we have Sean Croxton on the show. Sean is the creator of one of the first health-based video channels on the internet. His first podcast, Underground Wellness Radio, ran for seven years and got millions of downloads.

Now Sean hosts the Quote of the Day podcast, a short show that features quotes from motivational talks, and he is getting ready to launch the Money Mind Academy to help people break free from old thought patterns to achieve financial success.

Sean is not a recovering addict or alcoholic, but because of his troubled childhood, he experienced the same feelings self-doubt and guilt that kept him from accomplishing his goals. He shares how he identified and overcame his self-limiting beliefs to achieve things he never thought possible.

This episode will revolutionize the way you see your health, wealth, and future. Don’t miss it!

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Listen to Sean’s story now!

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Here are a few highlights from our interview. To get the full story please join us on the Podcast now!

Daily Routine

Sean Croxton takes his morning routine very seriously. Gets up at 5:30 in the morning and starts with twenty minutes of transcendental meditation. Then he goes for a run, showers, and gets ready to leave the house before the traffic gets heavy.

He arrives at his coffee shop, and before email and social media, he grabs his chai latte and starts writing. He loves starting off his day this way. He gets grounded and centered with his meditation, and then he gets his fitness in so the rest of the day he doesn’t have to worry about it.

Sean is lucky enough that the bulk of his work is done by 11 am. Then he usually hits the gym for some basketball and a workout. Afterward, he has lunch and does what he likes for the rest of the day, which is mostly reading books.

Spiritual Connection

His number one way of maintaining a spiritual connection is meditation. Sean says it allows him to connect with the power within. Every day, he continues to remove layers that have been covering up his divine being by putting himself in uncomfortable situations that force him to grow.

I do my very best to identity when my ego is running the show.

Sean likes many of the authors who interpret biblical scripture. Sean was raised Catholic and learned the literal approach to the bible. This turned him off to religion for a long time, but through his studies he has a foundation of knowledge with writers like Joseph Murphy, Neville Goddard, Robert Collier, and Florence Scovel Shinn who’ve made scripture understandable.

Sean believes that God put him as a piece of Him and gave Sean the free will to discover who he is and what he is capable of. He now has an understanding of himself and capabilities that he never had before.

I believe I am a son of God.

Sean Croxton’s Story

Sean Croxton was born with the entrepreneurial gene. His dad was a hard worker. After being discharged from the Army, his father went to sell shoes at Macy’s and also had his side hustles. On the weekends, Sean would go with his dad to a swap meet to sell random stuff. Sean clearly remembers his dad walking around with a big fat wad of cash in his pocket. It made a huge impression on him. Entrepreneur was his dad’s favorite magazine. Sean was fascinated just by the word entrepreneur. Later in life, it came full circle when Sean was featured on the Entrepreneur Magazine website.

Sean’s parents had a nasty divorce. He didn’t see his dad anymore after that. His mom got up early and went to work before he woke up. He and his brother became the men of the house.

Sean’s dad did not support them at all, so Sean had to earn money. He always had a job from the day he had a worker’s permit. He did anything to hustle, including selling bootlegged CDs in college.

Sean found his comfort in books, basketball, and work. He struggled with anger and abandonment issues. He was used to holding everything inside and his temper would lash out so badly that he scared himself sometimes. But through the education he has received through reading and learning about himself, he has calmed down and knows how to communicate and work things our before issues escalate.

About Forgiveness

Sean had layers of feelings from childhood that had to be worked through, but he believes that nothing in life is 100% bad.

Swing the spotlight to the good that came out of unforgivable situations.

Our goals exist on a higher frequency, and we need to match that level. Regret, resentment, and anger hold us down, and if we want to reach the next level, we have to let those feelings go.

Sean points out that he people we haven’t forgiven are probably walking around and enjoying their lives, having no idea of the impact they made on us. By not forgiving them, they still have power over our lives.

He also reminds us that if we don’t forgive ourselves, we’ll continue to punish ourselves. Success and money will be beyond our reach because we are not open to receiving them.

In order to break free of these feelings of unworthiness that keep us from our dreams, we must identify what the self-limiting beliefs are and put them on the stand. Cross-examine them to see if they are true. Sean says most of our beliefs are inherited. We think we chose them, but in reality we adopted them and learned them from all those who surrounded us as we were growing up. We can replace these false beliefs with affirmations so our subconscious mind will latch onto constructive ideas instead of the negative thinking habits that keep us broke, defeated, and unhappy.

Best Suggestions

Sean says an uncle told him that if he wanted to find out what he wanted to do for a living, he had to find out what he didn’t want to do. Sean didn’t stumble into his successful position in life. He painted dorm rooms, cleaned toilets, and hustled until he realized that he wanted something greater.

We have this expectation that these things are going to land in our lap. You got to go through the muck to find out what you love.

The one suggestion Sean Croxton leaves us with is to believe in ourselves. If we can visualize our dreams as if they’ve already come true for us.

Be grateful for it before it even happens yet. If you get there, you can achieve everything.


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