Whether it be drug or alcohol addiction, money, or a relationship, we all have attachments that may or may not be serving us. However, when we’re able to identify them, overcome them, and use them as part of our story, that’s when we can truly find freedom. 

Russ Perry’s experience was no different. After a tumultuous affair and battle with alcohol addiction, he found himself in and out of 12-step programs, Celebrate Recovery groups, and therapy. Through various physical and emotional bottoms, it wasn’t until he had a profound experience after reading a book on his family lineage. He realized most were alcoholics and drug addicts. It was that profound moment he decided to change the trajectory of his path and ultimately his family tree.

The Sober Entrepreneur

It was then that Russ decided to change everything, including shutting down his seven figure business. From there he started to participate in coaching, personal development, and find a healthy destination to focus his time and energy. In 2015 he launched DesignPickle. 

Pulling inspiration from the idea that everyone should have access to seamless graphic design — a problem he often faced at his agency — and his love of pickles, Perry set out to build the pickle-themed company with zero outside funding. For the first few years, he attended marketing events with nothing but an ice cream-turned-pickle-cart and a pickle suit, hoping the “quirkiness” would resonate with people and transform into clients and revenue. Since then, Design Pickle has grown from 2 employees to over 500 globally, was ranked #345 on the 2019 Inc. 5000 list, and has completed over 500,000 creative requests. He is also the author of The Sober Entrepreneur.

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