Monk XuOn today’s Episode of The SHAIR Podcast we have Monk Xu joining us. Monk Xu is an Ordained Taoist Monk. He has carefully observed the nature of humanity and has an understanding of how individuals of our modern era have been oppressed by the programs of society.

Join us on this very special Episode as Monk Xu takes us deep into the heart and mind of a Mystic.

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Here are Monk Xu’s SHAIR Podcast interview highlights:

The SHAIR podcast YouTube channelMonk Xu: We could go on for days talking, but I want to get to some simplistic values of what we’ve been given straight from the get-go.

Omar: Please.

Monk Xu: Oxygen. Without it, you wouldn’t know anything else, so that’s where we actually lose ourselves right in the beginning, is when we think we’re not breathing. You know, that part of your breath where you actually … You know that you’re breathing, but you’re not aware of it. Even while you’re listening to me know, you’re breathing, but you’re listening to me. You’ve actually forgotten that you’re breathing.

Omar: Up until you brought it up, and then I started focusing on my breathing again.

Monk Xu: Right. Until I said, Omar, right at the beginning let’s take the nice deep breath.

Omar: Yeah.

Sit with Monk XuMonk Xu: That’s probably the first part of … Well, I’m sure it’s the afternoon there for you. It’s the morning here.

Omar: It’s evening.

Monk Xu: Yeah. Well, this evening. In a monk’s life, evening or night, they’re dualities. We don’t even consider a moment is the moment, and whether it’s light or shade, again another duality, is your conception of the sun turning around the earth. In essence, Omar … Can I call you O?

Omar: Absolutely. That’s what I go by.

Monk Xu: Okay. O, I must say sincerity is the actual foundation of being a monk. The journey that you’re asking me saying, tell us about how you got from A, B, and C. How you got into it, how you got out of it, and now how do you stay so riveted and clear from it by being who you really are?

Omar: Correct.

Monk Xu: That’s basically what everybody wants to know. There’s no secret. There’s no solution. This is just an act, and when you drop acting, you become no act. In the truth zen situation, you actually utilize purely that principle. Non-action is the truest action, and that comes back down to complying. When people are totally programmed by the outside towards the inside, they totally comply with it. Especially when they’re bombarded day by day with it. I mean, you call a baby a name. It starts out with no name to begin with, but we make up a name. The baby doesn’t know no names at the moment. After day after day, month after month, year after year, sooner or later, the baby’s called O. You know, you wouldn’t exist without a name. Let me ask you a question. What exists without a label?

Omar: I don’t know. I never thought about that.

Monk Xu: This is the whole gamut of the earth of what everyone’s going by. Aren’t you really buying into a label? We’re not really forging our souls into slavery to accommodate being labeled. You’ve known me as a monk, but I do live a monastic lifestyle. I get up, but before I get up, even before my eyes open, I’m aware that it’s awake. My job with you today, and I don’t look at it as a job. I actually look at it as a really deep love of mine. My job, my love for you is to let you know that enlightenment truly just means mastering peace. All right? Inevitably while you’ve made the choice of letting go of everything and dying to all of what you’ve known, you inevitably make yourself … Are you ready for this?

Omar: I’m ready.

Monk Xu: You are actually the master piece. Right. Did that click? Did the penny drop?

Omar: Yes.

Monk Xu: Right. Everyone listening, you don’t have do anything to be on the journey of mastering peace. Just realize that you’re the master piece to the whole puzzle that makes the puzzle whole. Okay? Because when you become fragmented in thought, you will start trying to attach yourselves to so many things, whether it’s sensory with your vision, being wanting to belong with wearing type of garment. Don’t think of me sitting here in long robe with lots of beads around me with a bald head at the moment. I could be hanging off the fan with a G-string. Hey, let’s discuss it. You know why I say these things, because while the listener is listening, I don’t what them to go too deep into that realm of serious thought. You’ve got to keep it light. That’s why I throw in these little antidotes of jokes.

Omar: Yeah. Like a bald monk in a G-string?

Monk Xu: Yeah. There’s only certain clubs that will accept this, so don’t try this at home.

Omar: Absolutely.

Monk Xu: All right. This planet at the moment, and we all know. We’re all grounded enough that we know that this planet through its extortion, it’s degrading the spirit purely by marketing. One of the biggest fingers at the moment that’s got people hooked. I will always say this too, O. I’ll give you a saying. In between I’ll always give you these gems. A rich man is always shackled in his luxury while a poor man smiles in laughter knowing there is nothing to attain, and peace is all there is. The next one, metamorphose is the only thing that’s permanent. Your change. Wouldn’t you like to be the director of that change, and stepping into the so-called shoes of the source?

Omar: Of course.

Monk Xu: Right. That’s what everyone is banking on. You know, they all want to know, how do I do it? How do I do it? Little do they know, they’re already doing it. It’s just a matter of discipline on how much discipline you have at being timeless, yet your timing being impeccable to when you really want to achieve the alchemy. Alchemy, meaning the mix of all things. Okay? Let’s look at some simplistics in our lives. We’ve got quality food. We’ve got elite training.

We’ve got remedies where your heart beats and we slow that down, or we may even pick up a drum and be consistent with that beat, so that you’re getting to what’s called being in the now. You know when someone’s not being in the now. Their rhythm is off. We also do gardening around here at our sanctuary. Gardening, you actually touch the earth. Bare feet, bare hands. Play with the earth a little bit. Move yourself. 20 minutes in the garden will rise a sweat. In the sweat are all programmed memories in our water molecular structure. Haven’t you felt so great, Omar, when you’ve had a sweat?

Omar: Yes.

Monk Xu: You’re depleting all the memories, and then again you’re empty. That’s why I call this session that we’re having, URMT, Unlimited Radio Mind Transmission. In saying that the journey for this monk speaking through this vessel was once upon a time where everyone is at the same stage of giving up a lifetime of programs. Let’s call them programs for now.

Omar: Okay.

Monk Xu: Whether you want to see that the program is food, drugs, alcohol, whichever way. It call comes under one banner. It’s your compliance with it. The minute you don’t comply with these things, the minute you have the will, which is another thing I want to really touch upon. Your will is a characteristic. The stronger your will gets, the stronger your character becomes. Let’s put these two words into play. Your desires and your principles. People become addicted because of their desires. People are free from addiction because of their principles.

Omar: Yes.

Monk Xu: Okay. We’re clear on that?

Omar: 100%.

Monk Xu: Okay. I call what this period we’re in, this frame of mind, what people are going through right now, is the NWC, the New World Chaos, because they’re all concentrating on the real diabolical way of thought. That still can be healthy, because it’s going to bring them back to their source. Let’s go through this shift together through this program. I’ll put it like this too, O. If you’re not enlightened, I’m not enlightened. I’m not beautiful until everyone is beautiful. Until you see the love in all that there is, then you can be the love for all that there is. Makes sense?

Omar: It does.

Monk Xu: It’s simple. Isn’t it?

Omar: Very.

Monk Xu: Okay. Omar, you’ve pretty much got the journey in a nutshell. In life you’ll go through subscribing to programs, falling into that because of the upbringing that you’ve had purely because of the choices that you’ve been given. Then, you play along with that, and after a while you start getting tired. You’ll think, “Is this ever going to change? Am I always going to be chasing the tail?” The fairy tail, the cat’s tail, and people that are addicted to other human beings with … Right. You know where I’m going with this.

Omar: Yeah.

Monk Xu: When we drop that chase, when you’re that tired, and you’re over the suffering so to say. Suffering usually causes misery. I will pretty much expand upon the Buddhist situation where they say, “Misery is created from clinging onto things.” When one thinks they’re separate from it all, they actually become addicted to being attached to things outside of themselves.

Omar: Yes.

Monk Xu: When one drops that separateness, and knowing that you knew, and knowing that there’s no outer or inner, when they’ve dropped that duality of those two confinements, then they become unified with all that there is. Therefore, they’ve have no more attachments. Not an easy process for the one who denies it, yet it’s so simple for the one who is willing to accept their unlimited way of life. You being the source. Therefore, they’ve have no more attachments. Not an easy process for the one who denies it, yet it’s so simple for the one who is willing to accept their unlimited way of life. You being the source.


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