Jenny Reese Clark author of Field of Influence

Jenny Reese Clark joins us on The SHAIR Podcast today. She is the author of Field of Influence, a public speaker, and the founder of the Spencer Project. Jenny Reese is a living testimony of what true faith in a higher power can bring. As a multiple felon of various drug charges including Unlawful Manufacturing of Methamphetamines, Jenny is no stranger to breaking the rules or suffering their consequences.

In April of 2010, Jenny’s life hit an all-time low as she turned her back on the home burning behind her. As a result of a chemical interaction, the clandestine laboratory that she brought secretly into her sister’s home, exploded. As she took off shoeless, she ran as far as she could to escape the consequences. With her sister’s pet dead inside, and her relationships destroyed through her own betrayals, Jenny woke up as a Jane Doe on a ventilator in an ICU 24 hours later knowing there was no way to come back from such destruction.

Field of Influence The SHAIR Podcast“I’m not proud of how I’ve obtained the authority to write or speak on the subjects I do, but my incarceration and faith go hand in hand. Until I was still, I couldn’t see past myself; once I surrendered my selfish ways, the haze lifted and life began. The many lessons achieved through a consequence so great, is what inspires me to share these stories that carry both warning and hope.

In Field of Influence you will see this passion unfold. It’s an extremely insightful look into the forbidden realm of drug addiction. As a former manufacturer and abuser of drugs, I relate well to my character and the struggles he faces, but I also identify with his victory and redemption. This Marine’s story will not only shed light on the unknown, but help guide those searching for answers in how to overcome tragedy. My goal is to reach out, pick up, brush, and send off.”

Clean Date: August 10, 2010

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Omar: JenThe SHAIR podcast YouTube channelny, tell us about how your life is today, your normal routine, and include recovery, and everything you have going on including the public speaking and the Spencer Project.

Jenny: Okay, well my typical day looks different just about every day. There’s a couple of things that are routine, but I’ve made it a point to try to be available. I’m married to an army chaplain and one of their parts of their ministry is a ministry of presence and availability so I try and make sure I do leave a certain amount of my schedule open to be available for those who need prayer or just an ear, or a shoulder, or whatever, just to be there with them. It kind of looks different every single day. I do public speaking. I write for… I have a blog of my own, so I make sure I keep that up. I also author on another blog. I make sure I keep that up. On Thursdays I do a program called PWOC, which is on Fort Benning. I do public speaking like I said so sometimes you’ll find me at a conference doing something over there. Then I’ll be doing something on Fort Benning. You know its kind of … My life is very colorful. You’ll soon find out when you hear my story. It’s very colorful. I can get the end of the day, the beginning of the day, it starts with the same thing and that’s my Lord, my God, so I make sure that I devote a lot of time to prayer because I think one thing …

Omar: Yeah.

Jenny: …that’s really important in recovery is that we do realize that we are absolutely powerless without God. I try to reserve time. I put time to the side that in the middle of all this fun chaos, there is some time to kind of, you know, come back to Jesus. You know, have that Jesus moment, come back to Jesus moment and go, okay I can’t do this without you, direct my path, give me wisdom, give me knowledge, give me understanding. One foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

Omar: How much clean time do you have and when is your anniversary date?

Jenny: My anniversary date is August 10, 2010, so it will be six years come this come August.

Omar: I want our listeners to be able to reach out to you because there’s a lot of listeners that have taken this path. The reason why they’re in the private accountability group and the reason why they listen to the podcast is because for some of them NA, or AA, or any other program isn’t the way they want it to go, but the Bible and following Jesus is definitely something that interests them. There’s definitely plenty of those, that is for sure.

What is the best way for them to find you, to reach you? Tell us about your book, and where they can find it.

Jenny: Okay, well the best way to get in touch with me is if you go to my website which is,  I also have quick links to all my social media on the website!


Jenny: Linkedin, you name it, I’m on it. You can reach me through messenger – I mean all kind of things. There’s millions of ways. There’s also links to email me. I have a blog that’s attached there. I try to blog about my spiritual experiences and regular everyday life type things, things that happen to me and what kind of perspective I gain from them. Also it’s kind of a personal blog which is another way to get to know me. There is numerous ways to get connected and learn how to actually use the Bible and the church and faith as your accountability.

I am glad to reach out to anybody who reaches out to me and says, “Hey, how do I do this? What’s the first steps?” I’m more than happy to have conversation about that and help out in any way I can. You can find my book also on my website. You can find it on Amazon, and a couple of other places. It’s called Field of Influence. It’s available in eBook, audio book, soft back, so there’s a way to get that as well. Also if you’re a chaplain, or a pastor, or chaplain’s wife, I do offer those for free. Ebooks, if someone is in therapy and they believe that the eBook would be good for their people, they can just message me also. I have the Spencer Project, since I’m the founder I get to make the rules, right?


Field of Influence – Jenny Reese Clark

Omar: Darn right.

Jenny: I can give that away as well to them if that’s something they feel like would be really good for maybe their halfway girls or guys, or whatever. There’s lots of ways to get connected with me.

Omar: Beautiful. I love it. All right, so please tell us Jenny, what is the best suggestion you have ever received?

Jenny: The best suggestion I have ever received, there’s so many, I’ve gotten so many good pieces of advice over the years. I love my dad. He just said, “Shut up and do it.” He said, “Just shut up and do it.”

Omar: Yeah.

Jenny: I was a fancy talker. I was a silver tongue. I could get what I wanted, but they’d heard it all. It got to the point where it was, “You know what? Stop talking and do it. Don’t quit. Don’t give in. Keep trucking. Keep going.” It may not look like there is an end in sight, but the Lord, he’s after the heart and when that heart is right, when he says the answers a yes, the answer’s a yes. He will open the flood gates of blessing and reign them down upon you. You’ll be standing there and just dumbfounded at the amount of love and outpouring that can happen in your life just because you were willing to keep going and keep surrendering, and not turning to yourself to answers, but to him. I mean like I said, I’m a quoter. I’m a Charles Spurgeon lover. I could probably go on and on with great advice. The podcast, I probably already went over your hour.

Omar: Just a little. Just a tad.

Jenny: I’m sorry. Sorry. Sorry.

Omar: Well one more question. One more question and it’s recovery related, okay, so if you could give a newcomer only one suggestion what would it be?

Jenny: Let’s see. Charles Spurgeon, my favorite theologian said, “It is better to dig for water, dig for a well, than to die of thirst.” I challenge the people to start digging. Start digging deep.


“Start digging deep.”

Thanks again for your SHAIR, Jenny!

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