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Yovana “Rawvana” Mendoza joins us today on The SHAIR Podcast. You will recognize her more easily as the YouTube and Instagram sensation, Rawvana. With over 400,000 Instagram followers and over 150,000 YouTube fans, Rawvana has taken the raw food lifestyle to the next level.

A little about Rawvana:

“After years of feeling toxic, anxious, depressed, and without passion, I found raw foods in January of 2013. I decided I needed a “detox” so I went to a place specialized in detoxifying the body. I was there for two weeks, eating raw foods, juicing, and learning about this new way of eating, I was amazed! After two weeks of being there, I felt like a new person, with energy, enthusiasm, clarity, emotional stability, and heightened consciousness. It was there where I kneeled before God, asked Him for forgiveness and strength, so I would never go back to my previous lifestyle. With the strength of my family, friends, and faith, I’ve never looked back and to this day I no longer drink, smoke, eat any processed or cooked foods, and completely stay away from any animal products.

Since then, I have made it my objective to spread the message of health using all avenues possible using my bilingual influence, Spanish and English. I have taken various courses on raw foods, such as the Science of Raw Food Nutrition with Drs. Rick and Karin Dina at Living Light Institute. In summer of 2014, I graduated as a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am also undergoing the Certified Lifestyle Coaching program with the author of The 80/10/10 Diet, Dr. Douglas Graham. I am currently active in most social media outlets, local news television, and regional television in Mexico.

I hope you will find my website and social media content resourceful on your road to health, happiness, and vitality.”

With Love,

Yovana “Rawvana” Mendoza


Clean Date March 2013

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The SHAIR podcast YouTube channelOmar: Rawvana are you ready to get started?

Yovana: I am ready.

Omar: All right, let’s do this. You’ve got to be super busy, you went on a run this morning. Give us a snapshot of what your normal daily routine looks like, and then give us any big projects you’re working on currently.

Yovana: My daily routine … Well, right now I’ve gotten back into the habit of waking up early so I’m waking up around 5:30. After that I just get ready and go train, usually sometimes at six, sometimes I go until seven. I’ll do some exercise. Before I exercise I like to drink some coconut water or eat just a small piece of fruit. Then I come back, I have breakfast, get ready, and … Well, I work from home so I’m usually here taping videos for my YouTube channel or taking pictures for my social media or just working on the back end on my website or content that I’m preparing for.

Omar: As far as a regular maintenance. For example, many of our listeners have a regular routine of spirituality, not religion, where you do some sort of meditation or connection with a higher power. Do you have a routine or a practice of that sort?

Yovana: Yeah. Actually I forgot to mention that. I do that right when I wake up, so right when I wake up I just practice gratitude, being grateful, saying thank you to God or whatever my higher power. I feel like just setting that state of gratitude in my mind just sets me up to have a positive day and focus on the good things and everything that I have instead of what I don’t have or what I want or just negativity. If there’s anything that I’m struggling with I … Well, I like to do that before I go to sleep, so before I go to sleep I like to set some bedtime intentions …

Omar: Nice.

Yovana: For the next day and just kind of go through my day, forgive myself for anything that I might have judged myself for or judged someone else for. Then usually the bedtime intentions are really good because in the morning I feel a lot better. Every time, when I go to sleep if I’m not in a good state it’s just like a new day. For me just setting the gratitude and setting my intention for the day like, “What am I going to practice for the day?” For example, patience for me is a big one. Patience or … Patience with myself or compassion for myself or self-love, self-worth, and just doing that really helps me.

Also, I like to read some passages from the Bible every day because … I don’t consider myself religious or, “Oh, I’m this religion or I’m that religion,” I’m not … I think religion just separates people. I personally … I relate to the Bible because that’s what I grew up with. For example, Jesus is like a super example of me so the way that he lead his life is wow. When I read those passages from the Bible it just, it really motivates me and it inspires me so much so I like to do that right when I wake up. In the morning and at night I like to do that.

For me, my higher power, it’s where I … Without it I … If I lose that practice I don’t feel the same so for me it’s very important to do it. Yeah, it’s like eating.

Omar: I got you, I got you. Okay, so tell us about your recovery time. How much clean time do you have and when is your anniversary date?

Yovana: My anniversary date. You know what? I’m not exactly sure what day it is. I know it’s early March but it just passed and I’ve been sober for three years …

Omar: Yaay.

Yovana: Clean from … Yes, just any type of drug or alcohol. It was honestly the best decision I could have made in my life to just leave it once and for all. Every day I’m so grateful and that’s one thing that … Connecting to my higher power was one thing that really helped me to leave it for good because it was just one day, it was honestly divine. It was like a divine intervention but one day I just … Well, maybe you’re going to ask this question but …

Omar: Yes.

Yovana: It was three years ago, so yes, so I’ll wait for that.

Omar: Yeah, hold on, hold on. First, tell us how old you were the first time you drank or used drugs, or more importantly, how did they make you feel?

Yovana: The first time I drank was when I was 17. It was prom day and I went to Mexico because I live close to the border. I went to Mexico, it was the first time I drank any type of alcohol and I drank whiskey and I was so drunk. A guy … Someone had to carry me out of the club and put me in the car to sleep because it came to a point where I couldn’t move or walk. I come from alcoholic parents, but yes, so it’s kind of in my blood and that’s the first time. It made me feel like obviously the next day … I was 17 so I didn’t have a hangover.

Omar: All right, so now we’re talking to someone who has just come in off the streets or just surrendered and said, “Man, I’m done with this.” They’ve put together say, for example, a few weeks, got some clarity going on and they’re just eating junk food everyday. Even if it’s not junk food they’re just over eating and stuff like that. What suggestion would you give for the beginners?

Yovana: For the beginners I recommend just replacing one meal a day for a vegan or … Preferably raw vegan meal a day, just one. It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner, and replace it with a smoothie. I feel like at the beginning it’s easier to just do smoothies because … A good, big, smoothie. Not one banana, spinach, and a cup of almond milk. I mean a smoothie that’s going to satiate you, satisfy you for a meal, to replace a meal, an entire meal. This can be anywhere from three bananas, half an avocado, some hemp seeds, some kale, dates, and water or almond milk, whatever you want, or coconut water and blend it up and replace it. Usually for people it’s breakfast and then whenever you’re hungry take snacks with you. A lot of times we don’t take food with us and we get hungry and end up eating other things.

Taking bananas or apples or oranges or a bag of almonds, salted almonds if you want to. Anything that is natural, that is from the earth. Even instead of having, if you’re going to have a piece of animal protein make it smaller and maybe bake some sweet potatoes and just add more veggies. Every time that you eat any type of food, like try to eat a salad before, making small changes like that.

Omar: Beautiful, I love … That’s easy.


Yovana: Yes, it’s easy, it’s very easy, and it tastes good and it makes you feel good. It just takes a little bit of planning in your head, like maybe writing down on a list what you need to go buy to the grocery so you can have it at home. That way when you have your fruits and vegetables at home you’ll be more prone to eating them when you’re prepared.

Omar: Beautiful, good. What books would you recommend to our newcomers starting on this road to being vegan or being raw or just mindful eating?

Yovana: I really recommend the author, Victoria Boutenko. She has a book on green smoothies that is great. It’s a small one, it’s a small read, it’s an easy read. “Green for Life” is the name. “Green for Life”. Then I also recommend the book, “80/10/10 Diet” by Dr. Douglas Graham. There you’ll see how fruits is not the enemy because a lot of people see fruit as the enemy and fruit is actually our best friend. That’s a very inspiring book, that’s a book that really helped me a lot. I guess they can start with those two but there is another one that is called “The Book of Juicing”. That one’s really good. It’s just basic juicing and how it can really help you in your everyday life, so those three books.


Green for Life: The Updated Classic on Green Smoothie Nutrition – Victoria Boutenko

The 80/10/10 Diet – Douglas N. Graham

The Complete Book of Juicing – Michael T. Murray

Omar: Is there an author for that one?

Yovana: Yes, just one moment. The author for that one is Michael T. Murray.

Omar: Perfect, perfect, thanks so much.

Yovana: It’s basically, it has the complete book of juicing. It has information, it has recipes, and it has the benefits. That’s what I really like about it because it gives you the recipe and it gives you all the benefits. If you’re someone for example that has high blood pressure, you go to the section that has high blood pressure and you’ll see all the juices that are good, that are special for high blood pressure.

Omar: Beautiful, I love it, great suggestions. Okay, Yawvana, what is the best way for our listeners to find you and all your videos and Instagram pictures and websites? Give us to reach you.

Yovana: How to reach me. Well, you can find me everywhere as Rawvana, it’s R-A-W-V-A-N-A. Just Google me on YouTube. I am Rawvana in English. Instagram I’m Rawvana. Facebook Rawvana in English, and my website, rawvana.com. You will find … I have an app too, I have two apps actually. I have one that is just raw vegan recipes, recipe app. Then I have another one that is a smoothie challenge app. It’s a three day smoothie challenge app and the challenge is to replace one meal a day for a smoothie. You’re can find that, that’s available for iTunes and Google Play Store, and get down with that. That’s how you can find me.

Omar: Excellent. Guys, go to the Share Podcast Website show notes for Rawwana and there I will have all that listed. I’ll have her web page, YouTubes, Twitter, everything. Everything will be listed on there so you guys can find her. As we close up, Rawvana, what is the best suggestion that you would give to our listeners?

Yovana: The best suggestion would just be to have patience with yourself and take it one day at a time. I really love just taking everything one day at a time. I always say, sleep, hydrate, move, and fruits and veggies. Yes.


“…have patience with yourself and take it one day at a time … sleep, hydrate, move, and fruits and veggies. ”


Thanks again for your SHAIR, Yovana!

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See you then!


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