Laura McKowen couldn’t control her addiction to alcohol and believed that the people who could drink normally were the lucky ones, but after leaving her 4-year-old daughter alone in a hotel room all night, Laura had to break down and get help.

To Laura, having to get sober was the end of everything. It was purgatory, but once she stopped resisting it, she realized that sobriety was the invitation to everything she ever really wanted.

Laura is the former cohost of the Home podcast with Holly Whitaker, and her memoir, We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life has just released at the top of the charts. Listen to her struggle through the darkness of alcohol addiction and how she’s written a new story about herself in sobriety!

“The upside of sobriety is that you get to meet yourself.”—Laura McKowen

About Laura McKowen

Laura McKowen had a long, successful career in public relations and the Mad Men-esque drinking culture of advertising. After getting sober, she quickly became recognized as a fresh voice in recovery, beloved for her soulful and irreverent writing online and in print. She now leads sold out retreats and courses, teaching people to how to say yes to a bigger life. She lives outside Boston, Massachusetts with her daughter.

Laura writes an award-winning blog, hosted the iTunes Top 100 HOME podcast, and currently hosts Spiritualish, a show that provides an irreverent take on self-help. She has been featured in WebMD, New York Post, Bravo, the TODAY show, and more.

Laura has an MBA from Babson College and spent 15 years in advertising managing million-dollar accounts for Fortune 100 companies before transitioning to writing and teaching. She’s the founder of several online programs for personal development and teaches workshops and retreats all over the U.S.

We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life

What could possibly be “lucky” about addiction? Absolutely nothing, thought Laura McKowen when drinking brought her to her knees. As she puts it, she “kicked and screamed . . . wishing for something — anything — else” to be her issue. The people who got to drink normally, she thought, were so damn lucky.

But in the midst of early sobriety, when no longer able to anesthetize her pain and anxiety, she realized that she was actually the lucky one. Lucky to feel her feelings, live honestly, really be with her daughter, change her legacy. She recognized that “those of us who answer the invitation to wake up, whatever our invitation, are really the luckiest of all.”

Here, in straight-talking chapters filled with personal stories, McKowen addresses issues such as facing facts, the question of AA, and other people’s drinking. Without sugarcoating the struggles of sobriety, she relentlessly emphasizes the many blessings of an honest life, one without secrets and debilitating shame.

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