nino2SHOW NOTES: Today we have Bryon ‘BD’ Nino, joining us on the SHAIR Podcast.

The author of 7 Habits for Peaceful Sobriety: Kick your addictions, reclaim your health and thrive!

Bryon is a vegan and marathon runner who was inspired to completely change his lifestyle once he got sober.

Overcoming addiction can be one of the most difficult things we do. It doesn’t have to be though. These 7 habits bring peaceful lasting sobriety along with a wellness of body, mind and spirit that’s nothing short of remarkable. These same habits have worked for me and many others.

Are you ready to reinvent yourself and claim the peaceful life you deserve?

BD Nino was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1969. He was raised by his single mom and older brother. Lack of guidance and poor choices led him to a tough life of addiction and petty crime. By the time he was in his 30’s time was running out. Severe alcoholism had taken a toll on his health and his body was beginning to shut down. Hopelessly addicted, he struggled to find a path of sustainable sobriety. Periods of sobriety were always followed by relapse. Time was running out and if he didn’t find a path to peaceful recovery soon he would likely die. In the course of his journey, he discovered a path to overcome addiction through wellness of not only his body but also of mind and spirit. Today he is an avid long distance runner, certified fitness & nutrition counselor and 100% plant based vegan. His addictions are well behind him but only through applying his daily practices of wellness.

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Here are Bryon’s SHAIR Podcast interview highlights and suggestions for the Newcomer:

The SHAIR podcast YouTube channelOmar: Okay Bryon, tell us about how your life is today. Take us through your normal daily routine, including recovery and tell us a little bit about your book, The Seven Habits of Highly Sober People.

Bryon: Okay, my daily routine is exactly that. It’s a daily practice to maintain sobriety and peaceful sobriety at that. I’ve had periods in my life where I lighten up a bit and it was real hard. I finally found myself at a place where I had peaceful lasting sobriety, but it is definitely a daily practice. I start each day with some reading and meditation. I’m an avid runner, so I take off on runs about four or five times a week. I like to hit the gym and do a little bit of strength training and yoga.

Kind of keep my body in shape and make sure that I have proper nutrition which has been a foundation for my sobriety. We can get into that in a little bit here. I’ll tell you all about it. That’s actually what I wrote about in The Seven Habits of Highly Sober People. It’s the seven habits that I started practicing as a daily practice in my life, that turned my life around, basically saved my life, because I was well on my way to dying from alcoholism.

Omar: Right.

Bryon: Yeah, so I sat down to write the book after my brother passed away back in July. He was an alcoholic like myself. He ended up getting oral cancer and they say that that’s caused by alcohol and tobacco mainly. We’ll never know why he got it and the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t really matter at this point, because he’s gone. It’s just sort of the quality of life he led. It was a hard one and we’re only sitting here in November now. That was just here recently in July. He basically raised me.

It’s been a tough last couple months, but I’m telling you, the strength of my daily practice, the serenity and the peace that I’ve been able to get through my sobriety this time has just been nothing short of a miracle. It’s carried me through.

Omar: That’s heavy Bryon. That’s really heavy stuff man. I’m sure we’re going to get into that as we dive into your story, but first tell us a little bit about how you maintain your spiritual condition on a daily basis.

Bryon: I like to stay in contact with nature. Like I said, I run and I like to get out on the trails and I like to get out into nature. My higher power is nature and my health, my wellness. Just being in touch with what I put in my body and being out in nature. I tend to sound like I’m an old hippy when I get into this stuff. I am from Earth and when I’m out there with Earth, it just feels wonderful. Along the way of me finding recovery, I converted to a 100% plant based vegan, all I eat is plant foods. I’ve cut out all the chemicals. Alcohol, meat, wheat, sugar, dairy, everything. I just eat from earth and I’m out in nature running. That is my higher power.

Omar: To a certain degree it is all about clean living, and how much more clean could you live your life when all you put is plant based nutrients into your body. That is a beautiful way to connect with your higher power and with nature which it seems is one in the same to you. Let’s start jumping into your story a little bit. Tell us about the first time you drank, or used drugs and more importantly how did they make you feel?

Bryon: I’m half Mexican and I’m half Czech.

Omar: Half what?

Bryon: Half Czech, Czechoslovakian.

Omar: Oh, no kidding.

Bryon: Yeah. My mom’s Czech and my dad’s Mexican.

Omar: Wow.

Bryon: On my dad’s side is your typical Mexican family with 200 hundred cousins, uncles and aunts.  Everybody gets together and plays poker on the weekends. The party starts on Friday and it ends on Monday, kind of thing. I was raised around quite a bit of drinking and I’d always try to sneak a drink out of the beers of my dad or my grandpa. They thought it was funny. I remember I’d get a rise out of it. They’d laugh and oh look at amigo, he wants a beer. They’d laugh and I’d do it again. Like kids they take a joke a little too far and then you get in trouble. I remember I liked it, because it got me attention. I don’t think I drank enough to get a head change or anything, but I drank, because I liked it. It got me approval.

It got me a laugh. Everybody was kind of, you know it’s what you end up doing later in life. You’re drinking, because people expect it out of you kind of thing. That was my first experience with drinking. Then I can remember when I was about 12, my dad, he lives down in San Diego. We’d take the train from Los Angeles down to San Diego to see him on the weekends. I’d sneak beers out of the house and bring them with me on the train.

Omar: At 12?

Bryon: Yeah, because I had to ride by myself. I’d sit in the smoking car with my brother and we’d drink beer and smoke cigarettes, riding the train. We thought we were so cool.

Omar: Of course.

Bryon: Yeah, yeah. Can you imagine if you as an adult walked by two children drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, you’d be just like, what is this? But no one stopped us. That was the crazy part.

BD Nino - 7 Habits for Peaceful Sobriety - The SHAIR Podcast

Omar: Without going into detail, just list those seven habits of highly sober people.

Bryon: The seven steps, okay we’ve got the first step is to recognize your addictions. Not just recognize your addictions but recognize what an addiction is. You have to recognize it all the way down to food, alcohol, drugs, anything in your life that’s changing the outcome and keeping you from being the best version of yourself. From there we admit to ourselves. We admit to others. These are a lot like the steps of AA, but they’re just sort of a brief version that I’ve put in an order that worked for me. We admit them.

Then we get into the now. It we can sit forever and say, someday, pretty soon, now. You’ve got to do it now. Now is the time. There is no other time than now. It’s very important that you love yourself. That is the next step, you need to love yourself. Truly love yourself. Love yourself like you would love your own child, which means would you give your child alcohol and cigarettes and keep them from being friendly with other people? Treat yourself like you would treat somebody you love.

Then we think about what we eat? What do you put in your body, because what you put in is what you get out. We are what we eat. It’s all bumper sticker wisdom, but I detail it in the chapter. We get into exactly why what we eat is so important. From there we move, put your body in motion. A body in motion every day, exercise, move that body, breathe, clean, deep. Breathe deep clean air every day. Exercise. Use it, it’s a gift. You can stand up and walk. Even if you can’t stand up and walk, use what you’ve got. Then from there thrive daily. The daily practice, you have to thrive. Once you have all those things, we’ve done before you will thrive. No problem.


7 Habits for Peaceful Sobriety: Kick your addictions, reclaim your health and thrive! BD Nino

Omar: What is the best suggestion you have ever received?

Bryon: Take what you need and leave the rest. That’s what my sponsor told me when I was going to meetings. I used to get so mad about some of the things in there that didn’t sit right with me. You don’t need to get overwhelmed with the details. Take what you can use and leave the rest. Someone else can use the stuff you don’t like and that’s why it’s there. Take what you need and leave the rest.

Omar: Perfect, love it. I love it. What does your recovery routine look like today?

Bryon: I have spent a lot of time writing the book recently. I go to meetings here in Fort Worth. I’ll be honest, I like the group, but I’m looking for another home group. I’m doing a lot of online meetings. I’m, which I really suggest anybody trying. You can hit a meeting right there in your living room. It’s not as good as going to one, but it is good. I run. I move my body daily. I put good food in my body. I make sure that I’m a clean running machine. That’s my daily.


“Love yourself.”

Omar: If you could give our newcomers only one suggestion, what would it be?

Bryon: Love yourself. Really consider, really, really consider what loving yourself means. I heard that probably 10,000 times, someone saying love yourself, until one day it just struck. Love, think about that. Do you love yourself? Are you doing anything that looks like to other people like you love yourself? Until you love yourself nothing happens? The beautiful thing is once you love yourself genuinely for real, everything changes and everyone around you can see it. They start treating you different. The whole world opens up.

I’ll give away a little piece of the book. I know you told me not to go and I’ve going to make it fast. Something I wrote in the book. I was watching a nature documentary and there were these buffalo. They were all in their group. One of the buffalo is injured and it sits on the outside. That’s it. That one’s out. They won’t let it back in. That’s how I felt when I was out there, when I was drinking, when I was a drunk. The world just sort of puts you out. They don’t mean to, they just do.

Then all of a sudden, once I started doing good things for myself and I could see it again, the world could see it again, they were like hey, how are you? I’m like I’m good. How are you? When they could sense I was sick, they probably wouldn’t have told me I was on fire if I was.

Omar: Very true, that’s very true man.

Bryon: It’s the same thing how we treat homeless people. They’re invisible people. It’s kind of how you get treated when you’re sick.

Omar: What an absolutely amazing suggestion Bryon. I love it. It is going to be incorporated in my life. It has been for a long time, but I just don’t think I’ve consciously looked at it. Being mindful. Truly loving yourself and what does that mean? How about making a suggestion for this week, is love yourself.

Bryon: Love yourself.

Omar: Man I love it. That’s the first thing we have to learn how to do, and it’s the most difficult thing we do. We hate ourselves when we come into these rooms. We have to learn to love ourselves. The slogan has always been, we’ll love you until you learn to love yourself. It’s so true. We have to learn to love ourselves.

Bryon: Yeah, yeah, boy I love myself a lot these days. I do man. Some days I go man this is borderline conceit. I need to reel this in a little bit, just keep it on a real level.



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