“SHAIR has become my #1 Recovery Resource” – Doug Crawford

SHAIR has been an enormous enhancement to my recovery journey.  I got sober in early 2012 via my local AA homegroup.  I started exploring recovery podcasts in September of 2015, at about 3.5 years sober, during an extended trip to Korea where I couldn’t attend face-to-face meetings very easily.  I seemed to be able to connect with the SHAIR podcast more than any other Recovery podcasts due to Omar’s overall positive attitude, his interviewing style, and his variety of guests.

I was also training for a marathon at the time and podcasts, especially The SHAIR Recovery Podcast, became my preferred running soundtrack and it remains my go-to workout soundtrack.  I love how the podcast has evolved from stories of recovering alcoholics and addicts, to include experts on wonderful topics like self-care, spirituality, and intimacy.  It has helped me grow so much.

Shortly thereafter I discovered the SHAIR Sobriety Network in Facebook.  The ability to follow and comment on recovery topics, at any time, added yet another tool to my recovery toolkit.  In the SHAIR Facebook group I get to hear from newcomers just about every day, and it reminds me what it was like for me and I can hopefully provide some hope to someone who is struggling.

After a year or so, I jumped into The SRC the SHAIR Recovery Community.  While I was initially reluctant to sign up for a paid membership, I did want to give back considering the significant amount time, energy, and effort that Omar put into the podcast and the SHAIR Sobriety Network.  Those are enormous undertakings and I wanted to contribute – and man am I happy I did!

The SRC has become my go-to recovery resource online.  It is more intimate than SHAIR Sobriety Network and I feel like I’ve really gotten to know many of the members.  It is great to have Daily Motivations, several online meetings per week, and monthly life challenges to tackle along with a dedicated group of folks.  Also, seeing newcomers join the SRC tells me that they are really serious about recovery and motivates me to share my experience with them even more.

For me, what makes SHAIR so valuable is Omar Pinto‘s dedication to his craft.  He is not only a recovering addict, he has become a student of the recovery movement and continuously invests in important credentials, certifications, and experiences to ensure he is at the top of his profession.  He is continuously working to improve and evolve – both as a coach, a podcast host, and a person; and through example he motivates the entire SHAIR family to do the same.

Next to my 12-step program, SHAIR, its plethora of resources, and wonderful people has become my #1 Recovery Resource.  It has been a perfect supplement to my recovery.

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