Hi, I’m Gaby!

My sober date is 7/23/2013. I got sober through a 12 Step based outpatient treatment center at Kaiser in Santa Clara with 16 months of follow up care.

My first 2 1/2 years of recovery involved weekly attendance of AA meetings.  In mid-2016 I found Omar Pinto’s podcast The SHAIR Recovery Podcast and soon joined the Shair Sobriety Network on Facebook.  After listening to a few of his podcasts I reached out and I told him little about my story. He responded quickly and I thought, “Omar is the real deal!” He interviewed me in the fall of 2016.

I wanted to share my story and Omar gave me the opportunity to talk about my past and present. I had so much bottled up and needed to get it out.  I felt compelled to warn others that they might be traveling down the same path as mine. He gave me the platform I needed to continue to heal. I am forever grateful that he helped me in such a powerful way.

We kept in touch after the podcast interview and he asked me to help out as an Admin for the big Shair group. In May of 2018 he approached me about his new concept for the Shair Recovery Community and asked if I would like to host weekly online meetings. Because Omar is very generous, I agreed to help him out.

I was honored to assist him in his efforts to support the new community he was starting (SRC). Something that has always impressed me about Omar is his “hands on” interaction with the SRC and Shair group members. He treats everyone as a good friend and confidant.

I have been hosting the Tuesday night Zoom meetings since SRC began.  Before I joined, I had no idea how much value I would get from the Shair Recovery Community.  I initially joined the SRC to be of service, but I have received much more than I have given.  The support is wonderful, and I’ve made many good friends who I have regular contact with.

The Shair Recovery Community has been a valuable addition to my recovery toolbox. All members are encouraged to share their stories, struggles, and triumphs.   There’s a lot of support and love in this group!

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