It’s time to Explore the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle and Feel Better Now!

This page will help you get started!

STEP 1: Click Here to Join the SRC Facebook group

Once we approve you, this link will always take you immediately to the SRC as long as you are logged into FB.

STEP 2: For best results participate in as many of the activities as possible.  All of the activities take place inside the SRC Private Facebook group.

  1. Go to the Announcement Section! Posted in the Announcement section is:
  • The Welcome Video
  • The Current Online Meeting Schedule
  • The Current Monthly Challenge
  1. Every morning at 6am EST is a Daily Action post to start your day with intention and accountability. Make sure to look out for it and post in that thread.
  2. There are 8 Community Calls (Online Meetings) per week, make sure to participate in at least one of the calls. It’s the best way to connect with the other members in the group.
  3. Participate in the Monthly challenge! It’s about progress not perfection. Participate as much or as little as you can commit to the challenge. In this group it’s about getting the E for effort.
  4. Read the other members post and comment on them. The members that are crushing it in the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle are those that have connecting with the other members in the group.
  5. Go to the Archived Videos Albums and watch the recorded community calls. This way you can see firsthand how we run the calls.
  6. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at

And most of all have fun!  This is a safe place for you to be yourself and open up about how we can support you Explore the Alcohol-Free Lifestyle.


Omar Pinto