Is it possible to quit drinking cold turkey without rehab and stay sober without AA?

There are many different pathways to recovery and today’s guest is living proof that it’s possible to quit drinking and get sober on your own.

The one and only Mishka Shubaly is back on The SHAIR Podcast! He’s here to talk about his new book Cold Turkey: How to Quit Drinking by Not Drinking, an unflinching, in-your-face companion to those who are ready to eliminate alcohol from their lives.

Mishka talks about how he survived his first month alcohol-free and the inner shift that took place when he realized that life was unbelievably better without drinking. He also gives us his simple personal hacks for dealing with overwhelming feelings and sneaky cravings.

It’s easier when we have people to lean on, but especially during these times of social isolation, it IS possible to quit drinking on your own. Are you ready to give yourself a chance to live a full, sober life?

Mishka Shubaly

Mishka Shubaly is the author of seven bestselling Kindle Singles and the memoir I Swear I’ll Make It Up to You. He has traveled the world as a songwriter, storyteller and comedian, sharing the stage with artists like Doug Stanhope, Richard Price, Ron White and Lydia Lunch. In 2001, he survived a shipwreck. In 2017, he was a clue on Jeopardy! When not writing, recording or touring, he teaches nonfiction at the Yale Writers’ Workshop. In the spring of 2019, he celebrated ten years sober.

Cold Turkey: How to Quit Drinking by Not Drinking

From best-selling Kindle Singles author Mishka Shubaly comes Cold Turkey, a step by step roadmap for approaching the harrowing first month of sobriety. Himself 10 years sober, Shubaly addresses the slippery nature of alcoholism, and the messy, anxiety-ridden process of making the decision to stop drinking once and for all.

For Shubaly, there is no one-size-fits-all plan. He refutes the notion that the one and only solution for those struggling are 12-step programs and provides a guide for those who want a different approach to getting sober. This is a how-to for those who are serious about taking their lives back, but are ready to define their sobriety on their own terms.

In the process, Shubaly exposes – in brutal, up-close, and yes, even absurd and funny detail – what drove him to drink, how he put the bottle down, and the surprising life that awaited him when he did. Cold Turkey real, practical, and intimate advice for those struggling, straight from someone who has really been there. Sure, he understands that for the first three days, you might need to eat all the pizza and all the greasy Chinese food. But he also understands the urgent need to improve your life and habits little by little, day by day. Shubaly, no doubt, becomes the listener’s cheerleader. He wants anyone struggling to succeed.

Ultimately, the takeaway is very simple; if Shubaly did it, you can too. And more than that, he’ll be right there with you every step of the way.

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