What possibilities are out there for you that you don’t even see? How can you focus on what good can happen instead of worrying about everything that could go wrong? How can you identify your identity gaps to crush self-limiting beliefs and make success your second nature?

Our guest is Anthony Trucks. He is a former NFL football player, motivational speaker, and the creator of The Identity Shift process. Anthony overcame a traumatic childhood and used adversity to learn how to shift himself into better and better versions of himself.

Today, Anthony talks about the three phases of Identity Shift and how implement them into a continual process of growth that will take you to heights you never could have imagined!

About Anthony “Truckstop” Trucks

Shift happens in life. Let let me tell you about mine.

“Please tell my children who their father was” was the text message that 28 year old me had written to send to my loved ones as I drove in search of rat poison one Saturday night.

I had no idea who i was anymore,  life had finally kicked my ass to the point where the emotional pain became physical pain it was literally too much handle. I just wanted it to stop. You have been there, right? (or maybe that’s where you are right now).

I’d gotten to a point where life had thrown so many punches at me that I thought it’d finally knocked me out. I’d completely lost my identity through so many life experiences and I couldn’t handle all this “shift” anymore. And that’s what it really is for all of us. Unexpected changes/transitions/shifts of our situation and identity in life that catch us off guard and stand to ruin everything. That or the stagnation and fear of change that keeps us stuck and slowly kills us inside because we lose ourself and our happiness in the process. At the root of it all we lose our identity, lose our way, and ultimately lose hope.

Shift no.1: I was given away into foster care

In my life I’ve experienced over 20 life shattering shifts and they all started as early as 3 years old when my mom gave me and my 3 siblings away into foster care where I endured beatings, starvation, and forms of torture all before the age of 6. I experienced things that no child should ever have to experience. It then turned into 8 more years in foster care before being adopted into a poor all white family as the only black person, trying to find my way in the high school, sports, becoming a teen parent, marrying my high school sweetheart, finding my biological father at 21, losing my first self defining career to an injury, having twins at 25 in an unstable marriage, getting a divorce, fully changing careers to try a new venture, losing my adoptive mother and father, remarrying my ex-wife and the list of crazy “shift” goes on…..

It all came to a head when I was faced with a reality that shook my entire existence. I found out my wife was having an affair. Enduring foster care during my life left me with a single goal of having a family I could call my own, and when I realized I’d lost that I’d completely lost myself. I’d already grown up with no sense of self and experiencing unexpected shifts that left me with no idea who I was, I’d lost my adult identity when I lost my first career, and now I’d lost my family which defined who I was inside. These shifts in life can unhinge you and that shift took the last shred of me with it. I drove off one night, sent that text message to my family, and was looking to end it all.

“Who the hell am I?”

My entire life I’ve battled with questions that I know rattles around in your head as well. Who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do with my life? ….. It’s these questions that seem to come into clarity at times just to be blurred out by life’s unexpected jabs that leave us wobbling and trying to keep our balance. We lose loved ones, relationships, jobs, health, money, and so much more. Or we gain some of those things and have no idea how to handle them which becomes unsettling. Our identities are all we have sometimes, even if we don’t really know who we are, but as life shifts through expected and unexpected changes so does our identity. It’s a constant game of change from day to day and unfortunately most of us feel like a leaf in the wind without any control. It’s a feeling I hate and a feeling I became determined to rid myself and the world of by becoming fully in control of our life’s shifts and/or our reactions to life’s them.

Suicide seemed like the only option, or was it?

As I was at the end of my rope hoping for a way out, thinking about ending it all. My mind was a tornado of emotions and I had no idea who I even was anymore. “Who is Anthony Trucks?” A question I had no answer to at that moment. In an unexpected turn of events I looked up to see police lights flashing in front of my car because thankfully the GPS on my phone had led them to me before anything happened. It was in that moment I realized this wasn’t the end of my story. This life would have an ending someday with the biggest questions answered. By me and by everyone struggling to find themselves or find out how to shift into a life they’re fulfilled by. Once we’ve hit the bottom the only way to go is up. Ever since that night I’ve been on that upward climb seeking the answers to who we are, why we’re here, and what we’re supposed to be doing with our lives. To find a clarity that leads to hope and eventually a burning passion in your life to FEEL more of every single day.

That’s why I created Modifidentity. A company with one focus. To take back control of our life throughout the modifications of our identity through life’s expected and unexpected shifts. It was this focus that finally allowed me to make sense of all the things that had happened in my life. How I’d accomplished all the great things I had, how I’d encountered and endured all the bad things, and how I could’ve handled them differently. To finally understand who I was, why I’m here, and what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. Through years of research, experimentation, self reflection, and sometimes by accident I learned how to master the shifts that life threw at me, which is the only way I was able to achieve the following:

  • College football scholarship
  • NFL athlete for Buccaneers, Redskins, and Steelers
  • American Ninja Warrior and first NFL athlete to hit a buzzer
  • Featured on 6 national TV brands
  • 7 Figure gym owner
  • 6 figure consultant
  • International keynote speaker
  • Best selling author
  • Global “shift” coach
  • HAPPILY remarried to my high school sweetheart
  • Father to 3 amazing kids (started as a teen father)

How the shift that happens in your life.

Shifts occur in our lives whether they’re forced upon us or we realize it’s time to make one to get to the next level. These shifts show up in so many ways and could look like changes in:

  • Our relationships because we need to leave one or we want a great one
  • Our health because we need to be healthier or we’re coasting
  • Our career because we want a better one or we’re not being challenged
  • Our businesses because it’s struggling or maybe even doing too well
  • Our lives as parents because our kids are growing up too fast
  • The world around us that leaves us stuck an struggling
  • Our identity as we try to fully love, respect, and understand the person in the mirror

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